Slang term for being drunk and high at the same time

Some time ago my friend used an expression to describe being high on pot, and drunk, at the same time. I want to say it was “double-boosted”, or it could have been “double-booted” or even “dual-ported.” I’m not really sure. All I know is that it was of the form “double” and then “something-ed.” Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not “double” anything, but I’ve heard crunk used in the sense of “drunk and high at the same time.”

While this question may have a factual answer, it it known only to yourself and said friend, and hardly fits the description of this forum.

So unless you’re too stoned, drunk or double-bored yourself, why noy call them?

Yes, why not? (I’m a two-fingered typist with a torn retina, okay?)

Stunk? (SToned+drUNK)

A technical term would be polydrug abused. Best slang would be “wasted on multiple drugs”.

soup sandwich

Nick Nolte?


Aforementioned buddy is out of town now and I don’t have his cell number.

Slang term for being drunk and high at the same time

Fuckin’ stupid?

I’m eighteen and in high school, I think you old farts should step aside and let me answer this. :wink:

Although regional and sociocultural variants are common in any language usage, especially slang, crunk seems to be a widespread use for the situation that you stipulated.

UrbanDictionary: Crunk | UrbanDictionary: Crunked

For the fact, I have never been both high and drunk at the same time. :o

I know, I know. What I’m seeking is a term which fits the descriptors I specified originally. Maybe it was just “double-boosted.” He might have just made it up on the spot…

Crunk = crazy drunk.


“all fucked up”

I’d like to point out that I, one of the old farts, suggested crunk nearly an hour before your post. Don’t discount the wisdom of old farts, kid. When it comes to slang about drug use, those of us who went to college in the sixties know more than you may think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right on. So far.

For the fact,
For the record?
Wen’s “Old Farts” know just a little bit more than you think.

When I was in high school (1975), the term was “strunk”.

It’s called “a waste of good pot.”