Slave Rings

I wear a gold band around my left thumb. I was approached by a Christian woman the other day that said it was bad luck to wear thumb rings. She said people had begun wearing them in the days of slaves (Egyptians and Israelites)Apparently those with thumb rings belonged to royalty. I have done some research and can’t find any such thing. Has anyone a reference or site I can see to help me find my anwser please?

Thanks In Advance

After I posted this, I realized I wear a toe ring too.
I can’t imagine slaves wearing toe rings!

Umm… no. At least I don’t think so. I have spent a lot of time studying Ancient Egypt and I have never come across that at all.

Why do I find it incredibly amusing that someone claiming to be a “Christian” woman would also claim to be be an authority on “bad luck”? I bet she also talks to Mistress Cleo at night, too, like every good christian.

Certainly not an authority on slavery or ornamentation, but I would guess that thumb rings and toe rings would make it kindasorta hard to work, which would be the primary purpose of a slave. And body ornamentation would probably not be a high priority.

That’s just my opinion anyway.