This used to be on UK TV but I missed a lot of it.

Did the guy (Jerry summat) ever get back to his proper world.

Also, what ever happened to the rest of the cast…Arturo and Co

I didn’t see the end of the show (it moved to the Sci-Fi Channel before the Sci-Fi Channel was on every cable system), but I can give a few…

Arturo was killed off, he was also possibly a double from another world and the original Arturo may have been stranded.

Wade was killed by the Kromaggs but her mind was kept alive so her body could be used in a Kromagg breeding program.

Rembrandt kept going until the end of the show.

Quinn was fused with a double (who looked nothing like him) in a sliding accident and was effectively killed.

The last few seasons were fun… :rolleyes:

Can’t answer your questions, but has nine episodes from the first season.

I watched a bit of it on the Sci-Fi channel here in the states, but came to it late. With these I was at least able to learn how everything started…

Big spoilers:

Professor Arturo was shot and died in the season 3 finale…I think season 3. From that point on, he was replaced in the cast by Kari Wuhrer (Maggie Becket), who was an Air Force captain from an Earth that was about to be nuked into oblivion from a pulsar, but several thousand people were saved because of her husband and Quinn’s work on a sliding machine to get them to safety.

The next season was the last one with anything redeeming. Most of it was spent chasing/being chased by some doctor from Maggie’s world that had some weird disease, and he needed to kill other people and inject their cerebro-spinal fluid into his spine, which killed them. It turns out he manipulated the list of people that were saved from Maggie’s world, so most of them were bio-compatible with him. He had his own sliding machine, and when they caught on to him killing people in the world everyone slid into, he slid into other worlds. Eventually, in the season 4 finale, the Sliders got both slide devices, but had to slid separately. Wade and Rembrant slid with the original device first, with high hopes they were going back to their own world (by this time Quinn had learned a lot more about how to slide, and programming in coordinates.) Maggie and Quinn slid next, hoping to “follow” the wormhole Wade and Remmy slid into.

The next season, which was now on a different channel, started a slow decline into suck. We find out Maggie and Quinn have been sliding for months, unable to accurately follow Wade and Remmy’s original slide. They finally follow them back to Quinn’s original world, only to find out it has been taken over by the Cro-Mags (a race of ‘people’ that evolved from a different ancestor along-side humans on another Earth. This Earth developed very VERY good slide technology, and the Cro-Mags from that Earth made it a mission to conquer every other Earth.) They find Remmy in a prison camp, and he tells them Wade was taken to a breeding camp. Quinn finds his mom, and she tells him that he is originally from the same world as the Cro-Mags, and that his birth parents gave him to a set of his parents from this Earth. She has some weird holographic chip that he uses that confirms this. He learns he also has a brother, given to a different set of parents on a different Earth. His parents say the original world of the Cro-mags made a weapon to get rid of them, so Quinn, Maggie, and Remmy make it their new mission to find Quinn’s homeworld and get the weapon to free this Earth, and as many others as possible, from the Cro-Mags.

They find Quinn’s brother, who grew up on an Earth with far less technology (equivalent to mid 19th century.) They almost get back to Quinn’s homeworld, but get stuck in a “slide cage,” a device built by the humans from his world that prevents anyone from sliding back there. It just sticks them inside a giant prison. They get out of there, and find out the weapon his parents helped make was a biological one that stopped Cro-mag women from being fertile (hence why human women were now being send to breeding camps.)

The last season was even worse…Quinn and his brother were now gone from the show. Jerry O’Connel wanted nothing more to do with the show, so he was written off. The in-show excuse was that a mad professor used slide technology to “combine” Quinn with a double of his from another world…only this double looked nothing like Quinn…the reason being was to cure this Quinn of paralysis. Quinn’s brother was now said to be “lost in space,” for some reason. Basically, they said he now slides randomly from world to world forever…sucky way to live.

Remmy and Maggie get joined by new-Quinn and a scientist lady who knows a lot about sliding. They slide some more, and finally get the bio-weapon to get rid of Cro-Mags, but are almost caught by Cro-Mags. To save the virus, Remmy injects himself with it and takes one last slide, hoping it goes back to his homeworld.

End of series.

Thanks bouv looks like I missed nothing really

Yeah a real shame how badly things deteriorated. The chemistry between the original cast was pretty solid (and I had a crush on Wade), and at least for awhile the plots and worlds they slid to were pretty interesting (for network TV).

Yes, he did, in the first season. But as typical for the poor writing on the show, the only way he could check

Was to see if the gate to the house squeeked when he opened it. It did not but – as was obvious even to my 11-year-old daughter – after they left it turned out his mother had oiled the gate. :rolleyes:

There was never a show that took an interesting concept and used only the most cliched and tired plots they could think of. The last straw was “The Lottery” world, where quite obviously the writers assumed no one in the audience had ever heard of Shirley Jackson.

From what I hear, things got worse as time went on.

I used to really enjoy this show, and last year and earlier this year re-watched mostof the episodes until around midway through 4, where it really just went so bad… I guess I just liked some of the questions and what-ifs the show posed (even though it did a shit job of ever exploring them).

I was expecting this to be about little hamburgers and now I’m hungry. Curse you!