Slim PS2 question.

I recently purchased a link cable for the PS2 so I could play with my friends when they come round. I have my old chunky PS2 here and I see the port where it plugs in but on the slimline one I use mostly it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

Any help?

I can’t provide an answer for sure, but I do know Sony removed several features to reduce the size (and cost) of the slim-PS2, such as the HardDrive expansion bay. I wouldn’t be surprised if the link cable port also got the axe.

I was going to buy a slim PS2 but at this point I’m just going to wait for the PS3. I will probably only buy Madden 2006 between now and the launch unless something really, really cool comes out in the meantime. I would assume they are saving their top notch games for the PS3 release.

This has been my first gripe with the slim PS2 and I got it on its release. I hope the laser lasts till the PS3 as I don’t want to have to buy another a few months before.