SLK Departs.

Don’t get me wrong, you guys are great.

I’m just delieriously happy in love, and there’s no internet where I’m going. (for a while, at least.)

So, We’ll see you when we see you.

'Til then.

“So Long, and Thanks for all the Dope.”


Good luck. Be happy.

Not if we see you first!

Someone was going to say it! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Have a good life. When come back bring pie.

Wishing you both luck and joy in your lives together. :slight_smile:

I envy you and wish you both the best of everything. We’ll be here if you need us.

Where is this place with no internet? Can I go too?

[del]Well, don’t let the door hit you . . . [/del]

[rereads OP for comprehension]

OK, bon voyage, then.

Good luck, SLK, with both your new lady friend, and with your daughter.

All the situations wrapped up together, for those who have been following. Again, This post is a copy of something I posted elsewhere. (so, forgive me if I repeat myself.

I got what I truly wanted, and now our agreed arangement is for me to have Emma every other weekend.

I had to ask the world, and call in favors from Satan, to get the 10%. But I got the ten percent. (I don’t worship Satan, He’s just a good friend.)

The next morning she was her usual nasty self, of course.

The other front is going along excellently, despite a rocky start. (meeting her kids).

So, I’m living in Los Osos now. Atascadero is just where most of my stuff is.

The summer school gig is going swell, emotionally disturbed and Sp.Ed. kids, mostly. Wrestling with the 'tards. Play for four hours, then go home. I can handle that. But $44/day is hard to live on. Good thing I’m down amoung the dirty hippies who can live off of nothing.

I almost hesitate to mention it here. But we’re starting a comic strip, we have a few pages of material already. We just need an artist.

Aspiring Rednecks, the adventures of Dirty Hippie Girl and Trailer Boy.

“Why is there a bottle of 5w50 on the night stand?”

“Cuz we’re out of astroglide.”

“Fuck you, trailerboy.”

“Hey, come back. What are you going to do?”

“Puree an avacado.”
So, basically, we’re just writing down the stuff we’re saying to each other.

Goodbye, Your Reptilian Majesty!! We’ll miss ya. Best of luck.

I’m going to spend today packing up this room, computer last.

So I’ll be monitoring my threads, through the course of this wednesday. I didn’t get any assignment from the county, gosh darn my luck. I need to go to a doctor’s appointment in town, here at four, So I kinda got all day to wrap up net shit.


salute Godspeed SLK.

I haven’t read anything in this thread yet. Thanks to all. Here’s a quick update.

I called Holly to see if she’d allow an impromptu visit while I pack up my room.

AFter another yelling fit,

Emma actually is here now.

Story later.

It seems I have to yell, but I can get through.


Just in case you think I was being rude or snarky, I wasn’t.

All the best to you.

Hunh? Oh yeah. I could see where a psychotic bitch looking for a fight might have mistaken you weren’t joking with that chestnut. But I’m the other one, so I knew you were just razzing me.

Ya big lug.

You brought me to the S.D. you know. It was a thread about your mom’s car that caused me to pay up to post. But, by the time I got to you, it was taken care of.


The visit went well, my daughter appreciated being brought out into the sun and light, again. On the phone, she said she was afraid to come over, because I might ‘kidnap’ her.

Grrrr. Pretty big word for a seven year old. Don’t you think?

Holly’s Dad saw with me her, today. They supervised the visit, at my suggestion.

He looked me in the eye and told me I had done the right thing.

To Emma I said ‘Sorry this sucks so bad, but sometimes you have to upset people to make things better.’ She does like her new friends, and gets along with my new lady great.
Oh yeah, one of the last things I did on the net was download the court forms I may need soon. Depends on how ‘mandatory’ Holly wants to be about Daddy’s time with Emma. Doesn’t it?

I’m not having this anymore.

“So I think I’ll keep a walkin’
with my head held high
I just keep on moving
And only God knows why…”
-Kid Rock

The way it shakes out, the landlord doesn’t want to prorate for July, so I left my computer in Atascadero, and can get net at my own private internet cafe. 30 miles and twelve dollars away. I’m through here sometimes for jobs.

Emma’s been calling every day, but it sounds a little forced. Points to Holly for ‘suggesting’ Emma call her daddy.

Thanks for the good will, I’m back (briefly), here’s Pi.


Best of luck to ya, man.


Still deleriously in Love. This is so working for us.

SLK, flying through Atascadero.

The landlord won’t pro-rate, so I’m leaving this machine in Atascadero for July. 30 mi away, but it lets me keep my hand in for now.