SLK enraged.

I am pissed. I am, and was, calm. But I am fucking enraged. I don’t feel like typing all this again, so I’m pasting a letter I just sent a friend.
Damn, you sound busy. (<I>He’s hitchhiking across the Middle East</I>) I had a busy day, myself. On the good side, I’ve found a wonderful lady to play with. We play good together. All the hallmarks of a positive Fire/Water combo. Instead of the negative one that somehow produced my wonderful daughter. Major Baby Mama Drama. Springer show quality shit. Grandparents who deny custody, and the fathers who aren’t having that.

Hadda request a civil standby, Holly’s in the hospital, Emma should have come to me if Holly’s unable to care for Emma. Instead, I find out by chance through a mutual friend.

Civil standby went well, for what it was. Clarified the visitation for next weekend. I’ll have her sat 11-6 and sun 11-6. But her Dad, whom I’d gotten along with well was more than a bit nasty. Civil, but nasty. “You’re becoming abusive, sir, and I don’t wish to continue. Good Day.”

When I expressed my hope that we could communicate better in the future, he said “Oh, we’ll see about the future.”

Time to go nuclear and file to change the order. I want 50/50 time, and no support.
On the other front, Nuit has bid me into her house to dwell.
I’m moving from Atascadero to Los Osos by the end of July. I’ve given notice here where I rent a room.
Wish you’d found me better, I was aiming to share nothing but joy, but there it is. I’m feeling like Charles Dickens. "It was the best of times, It was the worst of times.


(new material)

The real shitty thing is that last night, Holly and I had a wonderful, healing, air clearing conversation. We agreed to a fresh start as friends, if not buddies.

Then this shit? Either I fell for a huge snow job, or she has some serious explaining and apologizing to do. If she had time to go home and change before admitting, as I have she did from trusted source, then she had fucking time to call me.

I’m not having this. Not this time.

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Do you accept man-hugs?

Yes I do. And not homophobic lean in the shoulders ones, either. I go chest to chest and hug my man friends tight.

Like I mean it.
Thank you, Auto.

But: Los Osos! I’d live there…

Not really much I can say man. I do wish you the best of luck with this though. I know any kind of custody stuff can be a real nightmare and you seem to be getting more than your share of it. I’ll jump in and offer some manhugs.



Oh, fuck yeah. I love Los Osos, that’s the ‘best of times’ part. This gal is amazing, and she feels the same about me.

Thanks for the hug, MT.
I just left a message for the grandparents on holly’s message machine.

“This is wrong. According to the parenting order, a legal agreement between Holly, myself and the state of Arizona, If Holly is unable to care for Emma, she comes to me. My next step will be to file for mediation with the state of Arizona Family Support Services. I’m sorry it’s come to this, I really am.”

It was 5am, but if they don’t listen to me when I have a cop with me, maybe they can listen to a message. Might make them think, ya know?
Later today, I’m expecting monkeys to fly out my ass.

Again, to save time, I copied and pasted from another source. I hope this is allowed, it’s not a board war, just someplace I vent, and anyway I’m not telling you, cuz I’m a big fish there, ya know?

Holly called.

I let her know exactly how I felt. I gave her about 90% of she gives me, oh, weekly, or so.

I may be fired for it. I was in a special ed classroom when she called. I had cleared it if I needed to leave, suddenly.

I guess someone heard me, and I was spoken to. I had apologized walking up, but was still told how unprofessional that was.

“That’s why I apologized.”

“uhhh, still.”

<I>"Have you ever had a minor child of your own kidnapped? Have you gone a week not knowing where she was, or who she was with?

Please speak to me when you do."

I called the hospital back and asked to be connected to her room. I asked if Emma was with her.

Turns out she’s in isolation.

That I can accept.
Hey, she’s yelled at me like that from the hospital, I was only too glad to return the favor.
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(and my evil walrus bodyguards)
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Why is everyone looking at me like that?

Quit lookin’ at me.

The Italics are what I wished I’d said. The French have a name for it, staircase comments.

I didn’t really understand any of that, but… uh… eff that b in the a.

I read the thread title as “SLK engaged” and came by to offer my congratulations while scratching my head, wondering why you put it in The Pit…

Me too.

I’m so sorry all of this has happened, SLK. I hope you don’t get fired and I hope you get a solid resolution to this new round of chaos.

Ahhh, Thanks for the support guys.

It’s all better, I fixed it.

The whole situation is mostly resolved. I had to ask for the world to get 10%, but I got the ten. Emma will be with me every other weekend for a sleepover. Mandatory. If Holly has something else going, she’s just going to have to say 'I’m sorry, It’s Emma’s weekend with her Daddy". I don’t have internet in Los Osos, so my ‘so long for now’ thread is here.

Come on over, beer’s on me.

I thank you all, for your support. Especially all of you who helped sort my head, when I was out of it there, for a little bit. Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you, HSHP.