Smallville - 10/20 open spoilers

I dont see any threads for this, so I thought I would begin one and see if anyone actually cares :slight_smile:
Okay, so far this season:

Chloe now knows Clark = Superman.

The fortress of solitude is “built”

Lex is really starting to show his evil side, him and Clark are really no longer friends.

A couple of fellow kryptonians came to earth. Clark banished them to the forbidden zone, ala Superman Movie II.

Clark lost his powers for a bit, which allowed him and Lana to start dating, and finally get busy :wink: His powers are back, but him and Lana are still dating. She is not aware of his powers…yet…

Lionel Luther is back to “normal”. He is now the human conductor for Jor-El, when Jor-El needs to speak to Clark.

James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) is now on the show as a college professor. He formed from some black stuff underneath the spaceship found after the metor shower last season.

I think those are the highlights, if I missed any, let me know.

Last nights episode 5.4 “Aquaman”. Not a bad episode. I didn’t like the actor who played Aquaman, but the underwater scenes with him and Clark, I thought were well done.

Lex takes another step down the path of evil, and Clark severs another tie of friendship with him.

Clark joins James Marsters, Professor Milton Fine, as a research assistance who is supposedly helping Prof. Fine research a book on LutherCorp.

And if nothing else made this episode good, we got to see Lois (Erica Durance) in a bikini, multiple times!

Next weeks episode centers around a vampire problem. The commercial has James Marsters saying there is “No such thing as Vampires”. To funny…

Well for the love of…I did a dang search!! bah…