Smallville 2/16 - CYBORG

Great episode. I was really worried they would screw up the Cyborg character but they did a good job. Loved the scene when both he and Clark jumped off the roof while escaping from the lab. Wonder if Cyborg will become a recurring character.

This is the first episode I’ve seen in awhile. Lex has really gone totally evil hasn’t he?

It was a decent ep. And how did you see it before it airs? SOme kind of “shady” method? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m predicting that at some point before the end of the season, Clark will reveal his secret to Lana…again…sort of. (I mean, not really again, but sort of is.)

I missed it. Was the Cyborg one of the existing ones from the comics, like Victor Stone or the “Death of Superman” Cyborg?

I haven’t seen it yet, but Kryptonsite and the other places for spoilers and previews say it’s Vic.

Yes, it was the Victor Stone character. Backstory was he was a high school football player and he and his family were coming back from a game and were involved in a car accident. The official report was that everyone died but in reality Vic was taken away to a company, can’t remember the name but which is owned by LuthorCorp, that was developing advanced prostethic limbs. There he was given his robotic body and experimented on until one of the scientists felt guilty and freed him and that is where the story started.

Good episode. The ending of the B plot was predictable, but with nice twist. I had forgotten that Jor-El was rooming inside of Lionel.

Who do you think is coming next? Looks like they have a Teen Titans pipeline set up (Kid Flash, Aquadude, Cyborg). I’d love to see Mia Dearden as Speedy, but that’s just begging for a Very Special Episode [sup]TM[/sup]. Wonder Girl maybe (fingers crossed).

I thought it was an “okay” episode. I did appreciate the fact that they got Lana’s “unconsciousness from blow to the head” out of the way early- that way I didn’t have to watch the entire episode wondering when it was going to happen.

Anyone keeping track of how many times she’s been knocked unconscious this season? How long 'til she develops brain damage?

Not sure about Lana specifically, but as of that show 51 people had been knocked unconscious at one point or another during the show bringing the season average up to 3.4/episode.

I don’t think Lana was actually knocked unconcious. She just hit her head on the sterring wheel and got a cut. Remember she was able to look right up afterwards and see Cybord standing there unharmed.