Smallville - How does Pete know?

The local Fox station is showing (presumably) syndicated reruns of Smallville.
I think they are in season 2, though they did show the 1st episode of the 1st season.

Anhow, it is clear at this point that Pete knows Clark’s secret. How did Pete find out? I’m guessing it has to do with Pete living with the Kents (at least it was strongly hinted at that he does.)

I just watched the episode with the cave parasites making Pete (and Chloe) reckless. I prefer no spoilers after this point, but anything before is fair game.


I don’t follow it as closely as some others may but if I recall correctly there was an episode where Clark had to tell Pete. I think he needed Pete’s help to get back his little baby spaceship that someone had got hold of. I don’t remember the detail, or which season it was but he definitely told Pete.

I don’t think Pete lives with the Kents.

Not “someone”: it was Pete who had hold of the spaceship. He found it after the tornado; Clark finally broke down and told Pete his secret because it was the only way he could convince Pete not to go to the press.

Yeah, I thought it was either Pete or his father who found it but I couldn’t remember for sure.