Stupid Smallville Question

Engage spoiler space, Commander Riker!

Okay, that should be more than enough. Anyway, I’m watching through the Smallville DVD’s and got to episode 3, season 2. As luck would have it, there was a DVD glitch excising exactly two minutes of footage.

And while we’re at it, further spoiler proofing to ward off the sick monkeys who clicked on the thread anyway…

What the hell does Clark do to Pete to show he has powers? My DVD glitches out just as Pete’s pulling away and doesn’t come back until some time shortly after it cuts back to Lex’s mansion.

F’ing glitch.

He exerted control over reality. How he did it is too show Pete the real world that you and I live in, but I am afraid that had the effect of your not being able to see them for a minute.

:slight_smile: , but really, I have not seen any episode of this show, besides the Flash episode, so I am afraid I cannot answer the question. Sorry.

You, sir, are the very soul of evil.

Okay, tried it on my PC, managed to wend my back enough long enough to find that he takes Pete into the storm cellar where the ship is kept. That leaves about 1 minute that I’m missing. Of course, it crashed before I find out what was said in aforementioned cellar. Fricking used dvd’s.

I was hoping he did something cool like throw Pete over the barn or something. :-\

There was a Flash episode?

Ja, pretty nifty one too.

slortar, as I recall Clark sprints in front of Pete’s car and stops it with his hands, saying, “We have to talk.”

Ah, then the basement scene. Gotcha. Much appreciated.

More importantly, Zod thanks you.

Just a reminder: The season five premier is in exactly one week! Better finish those DVDs quickly, slortar. :slight_smile:

Thanks friedo! That reminds me of a question I have. The power was cutting in and out during the season finale. Somehow Clark wound up in mountains. How did that happen?

After Clark united the three stones and averted disaster, Kal-El transported him magically to what I assume is the North Pole, where he will commence construction of the Fortress of Solitude.


But really, I have looked up season 2, episode 3 on the site for recaps, Television Without Pity. I now know/remember that the show is suppose to contain lots of subtext. Maybe I’ll watch an episode or two, now. I believe the following describes what you are looking for: Kent basement. Pete is grilling Clark, asking him if he’s even human. “I don’t know what I am!” Clark yelps. Okay, substitute “gay” for “alien,” and this is a discussion going on in every high-school drama class in America. Clark is neither human nor alien, man nor woman. He’s Hedwig! Clark says that all he knows or cares about is in this pissant little town. Pete asks why Clark didn’t tell him sooner. Clark says that he wanted to, but that his parents thought it would be too dangerous. Yeah, because nothing dangerous happens to Clark, Chloe, and Pete already on a weekly basis. “You didn’t think I could handle it?” Pete asks. “Can you?” Clark asks. Touché. But less French. Pete slowly circles Clark, giving him a huge staredown. Ah, the things we pick up from Lex. Clark is uncomfortable. He says that another reason he didn’t say anything was so that that people wouldn’t look at him the way Pete’s looking at him now. “How is that?” Pete asks. Like he’s a freak, Clark says flatly. Clark is the kid from The Sixth Sense all grown up. Clark says he’s tried to blend in and be more normal than anyone else. Murders, gay love, and random fires notwithstanding. Clark wants Pete to say something – even something bad. “It’s like I don’t even know you,” Pete says. Clark says he’s the same “kid” (there’s that word again from last week) who used to camp out with Pete and play basketball with his “brothers.” Pete’s adding on, like, a brother a week on this show. “Yeah, right,” Pete says. Clark tries to go to him, but Pete waves his arms and says, “Back off, man!” Ouch. That, that right there, hurt. Clark says he would never hurt Pete. “Too late,” Pete says, and exits. Aw, manlove.I stole the above from Omar G, a recaper on the site, btw.

Ooh, that makes the undertones in the Heat episode a lot more entertaining. I love the bits where Clark mentions that Pheromone Girl’s powers don’t work on him and Lana and Chloe just give him funny looks… :smiley:

I’m getting a straonger and stronger feeling that we’re going to see the suit by the end of the season.

Not that I would mind looking at Tom Welling in Lycra. No, not me …

I would assume you are right since thye keep toting the slee line for this season as “Everything you wanted to see will happen”

To me that means… Young Bruce Wayne and Clark get involved with a mystery.

The introduction of more super villains (We’ve got Brainiac so far).

The suit in some form.

A kid Jimmy Olsen cameo. (if they haven’t already)

I’d love to see them throw in some fan favorite but really obscure DC character like Black Lighting.

Titano! (okay maybe not)

Not a cameo, but he’s been mentioned as the guy Chloe lost her virginity to when she was a Planet intern. :eek: The screws up the timeline, but that’s a match next to a forest fire for messing with the mythology. :slight_smile:

And Aquaman is appearing!

Which really kills me, because I totally called that in one of last season’s threads. :slight_smile:

But c’mon … Kansas is landlocked. Sure, there’s lakes and stuff, but remember–Kryptonite fish may not obey your will!

I would really just like to see Clark looking at him like “Dude … you can’t be serious.”

umm, hello? FLYING???

You know, if it was me that was allergic to Kryptonite, and I found out that my evil alter-ego knew how to fly, I’d be spending every moment of my spare time out behind the barn thinking flying thoughts…

There are so many different ways to <snerk> at that, I don’t know which way to go first.

But if I recall correctly, the non-Superboy mythology maintains that Clark learned how to fly when he was eighteen. It’s about damn time.

I’m not sure how to feel about the upcoming new Kryptonians, though. It didn’t do so well on Lois and Clark, as I recall.

Didn’t they already HAVE a quasi-Batman guy, with Lost Boy sleeping in Lana’s attic? (read that how you like)

And at least now Clark with have something he can really fight.

I believe they’re said he won’t fly till the last shot of the last episode.