Smallville: Who knows about Clark?

I’ve only just started watching this show this season, since it’s the lead-in for Angel now. I like it alot, but I have one question. Who knows about Clark’s powers? His parents do, Lex and Lara clearly don’t. What about the rest of the cast? The blonde girl? The black guy? Is anyone else in on his abilties?

Pete, the black guy, knows about his powers as well.

Clarks parents and Pete (the black guy), that’s all. There was an episode where Chloe was under the influence of the red kryptonite and in that episode he told her but when she came off the influence of the red kryptonite she didn’t remember anything about it.

oh, there was also a kid who could read minds with whom Clark became close, plus another good guy who was only on one show. There are also a few villains who know but they are all mostly incapacitated or dead.

Also, Lex’s wife (is she an ex-wife now?) is a doctor and she once examined some blood taken from Clark and she knows that it is… unusual. But she doesn’t know any more than that. Also, Lex and his father Lionel have suspicions about Clark.

Oh! And Christopher Reeve had a guest-starring appearance as a mysterious wealthy scientist who knows about Clark’s extra-terrestrial origins because he detected and recorded a radio signal message from Clark’s ship when it first crashed to Earth.

Cool. Thanks for the background.