smoking and pre-marital sex survey: city vs burbs - cite?

Several months ago I saw a study that indicated that girls in the inner city were less likely to have pre-marital sex than suburban girls, and were also less likely to smoke cigarettes. While this is counterintuitive based on general (white) public perceptions and media representations, it made a lot of sense on many other levels. However, I can not find the study, now that I need it. Maybe it was local to the Chicago area. How can I find this interesting piece of information? Any ideas? thanks. xo C.

Well, I’m not sure about the urban thing, but it figures that if they’re not having sex, they’re not smoking as many cigarettes…

I found the study I was looking for, and if I could figure out how to insert a link here, I’d do it. xo C.

Just copy the addy in the browser bar and paste it into the body of your next reply. Or type it in and let the software handle it. You got me curious. Not dubious, curious. I’ve lived in the burbs so nothing surprises me about that segmemt of our society.
mangeirge (City Dweller)

I seem to recall a number of studies pointed out in my Psych. Statistics text that demonstrated opposite trends in “bad behavior” from what was generally expected. For instance, African Americans were MUCH less likely to have used marijuana or other hard drugs (possibly excepting coco-derivatives) than whites, that drug use was hardly tied to income at all, and that urban kids lost their virginity or engaged in oral sex around six months later than their rural counterparts, even after adjusting for income/occupation/region/race/religion/etc.