Snacks w/ spermicide???

I’m sure this has been asked–i searched to no avail.

Whats the deal with edible condoms. Are they really condoms that can be eaten, or is it not a condom at all and just a snack?

How many of you have tried eating one??

Are there multitudes of flavors or the plain-jane latex flavoring

I have on a Watermelon flavored one right now. You want to try it?

Popillia said “I have on a Watermelon flavored one right now. You want to try it?”
LOL --no

I asked just out of curiosity. I’m not gay

Sorry Siva, couldn’t tell if you were male or female…not gay here either! :o

If you get a lambskin one, add a little mint jelly. delicious.

Handy wins! Best answer and innuendo…


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I think you are confusing “edible” with “flavored”. I don’t know of edible condoms. I mean you can conceivably eat them, but… anyway this is getting grody.

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Are you supposed to eat them before or after the guy cums in it?

Alphagene i’m positive i’m not confusing edible with flavored.

Handy I have no clue havent tried either- but i imagine if a person eats it without using it–it was purely a snack. If a person eats it after its been used im sure it would be pure joy

I’ll treat the question seriously (heck, why not) and not indulge…

Most edible condoms are not meant to be used as contraceptives and you’ll find warning s to that effect on the packaging. They’re novelty items only. And I have it on good authority that they taste a bit funny anyway. While edible underwear just tases bad (same source - I don’t know personally).

Flavoured condoms differ in that they sometimes use the lubricant to give it flavour and can still be used as contraceptives. If in doubt read the packaging.

Just be careful when you snack between meals.

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Sheesh, you people are sick! Eating condoms? That is DISGUSTING!

I guess I’m just too conservative. Alls I do is put nonoxynol-9 on a ritz cracker.