Snark Hunter : For Chrissake, Just LEAVE Already

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Okay, Snark, enough is enough. This is at least the 50th time since I’ve been on the board that you’ve led the pity party for yourself and threatened to leave. Okay, so just fucking LEAVE already. I’m geting damn tired of having to read this same type of post from you every four weeks ad infinitum. Yeah, okay, you’re a nice enough guy and you have issues. Big deal. We all have issues. Get off the pot and deal with them. You understand this board as well as anyone and the “I’m leaving” schtick gets damn tiring after a while. Can’t take the heat? Get out of the fucking kitchen.

Jesus. Someone pissed Euty off.

Agreed, compadre. I’ve seen Snark & Vanilla - Part I (or was it “orangecakes” back then? Or another name? Can’t recall), Snark & Vanilla Part II - Snarks Revenge, and Snark & Vanilla Part III - Vanilla Strikes Back. While the first one was mildly entertaining, the second and third have merely been living off the merits of Part I. I don’t care much for another episode, myself.

vanilla left us too, a couple of weeks ago. Of course, she was back the next day. I’m afraid neither one has been able to back up their promises so far.

Okay, now that was pissy! :wink:

::blinks in suprised respect::

Damn, it was kinda, wasn’t it?
Euty’s so easygoing I didn’t know his patience had limits.
Hmmm, betcha he just created a whole 'nother batch of interesting problems for himself. Kind, funny, courtly, erudite, wears black leather well AND righteous in slowly-roused anger? Romance writers go broke even trying for this shit.

Startled, amused, etc.,

Anyone who gets both Polycarp and Eutychus55 pissed at him (Hell, he brought Poly out of the closet! :eek: )has got to be doing something wrong. What’s next, Snark Hunter, getting Esprix into the sack with jodi?!?

I went off on you a few months ago. Seeing what’s happened here, I’d like to think of myself as ahead of my time. But the fact is that Euty is right: Either leave and never return or quit the bullshit.

I swear dude, how can anyone who is as much of a drama queen as you are try and not be gay?

And lest she think that the abuse being heaped upon her former beau (by myself and others) means she is in the clear, vanilla, you are a real piece of work, you know that?

Snark is a fucking mess. You too have been a fucking mess in your life too, and I doubt much has changed in that regard. Anyone who wanted to check the archives could see exactly what I mean. Yet, as bad as Snark has been, you seem to get great satisfaction in torturing him again and again in this public forum.

If whatever breakup you guys had was so painful you feel the need to give it back to him at every opportunity, do it in fucking private, because I for one am sick of the shots you can’t seem to stop taking at the guy. It only reflects badly upon you.

Job himself would have lost patience with the both of you long before this.

Snark, get off this board and get some help in dealing with who you are. Self-hatred is gonna kill you, man.

Vanilla, leave Snark the fuck alone and let him work his shit out. And if that is too difficult a task, don’t do it here.

Aw, c’mon, Euty, the SDMB is a drug! More addictive than nicotine, sex, and chocolate combined!

Snark needs help… maybe he should check himself into a drug rehab clinic or something… :smiley:

Sex, nicotine and chocolate: now those are topics that are really interesting!

:goes out to smoke a cigarette, eat some Godiva chocolate and returns to bed:

Damn. Being a newbie just out and out bites. I always come in at the tail-end of every little bitchfight. Well, off to a day of reading through past gripings.

/shuffles wearily off to the trenches

Holy crap, Euty. I knew you were trying out your new, pissy self, but all I can say to that is…damn.

Can’t help but second your feelings about it, though. I missed part one, but I’ve been watching for the rest of it, and it ain’t pretty. Still, I think Satan said it better than I ever could, so just consider me as another vote for Snark getting the Hell out of here.

Snark Hunter has not been banned, but he has had his posting priviledges revoked for the time being. Since it would be unfair for us to continue this without his being able to respond, I am closing this thread.