Snarkberry is a bigoted control freak

Yes, I’m flaming myself. In the recent fiasco in the Great Debates thread, “Gay marriages/parenting,” I expressed strong opposition to gays getting married. However, I feel that people reading that thread, especially Polycarp, should know that I am sometimes a control freak and try to be forceful with others. It’s partly the way I was raised, has nothing to do with Mormonism, and is a reprehensible attitude that I’m working on getting rid of.

I’m also somewhat bigoted against homosexuals, including myself. This stems from a sort of self-hatred for my sexual sins, not from being raised Mormon. I’ve never actually met another homosexual (that I’ve been aware of), so I tend to be intolerant of them.

That said, I still believe that homosexual behavior is a sin, but I don’t think we should legislate it. I’m sorry for any damage I’ve done to anyone. Think before you post, Bill!

You know, statements like that give me faith in my fellow man.

Bill…you are not a control freak. No control freak would have the self-insight to have made that post.

You are an opinionated young man. That is healthy…if you do not stand for something, then you’ll stand for anything. (Cliche, but true.)

“What we most condemn in others is often what we most hate in ourselves.”

Get yourself a copy of the old poem/song “Desiderata” (anybody with an on-line copy, please e-mail it to him). I’m sending along the lines to a popular song that I think is apropos. I’ll fill you in on the background for it if it touches you.

Look carefully at Gaudere’s advice, if you would. I think you’re a pretty terrific person, myself.

Bill…you are not a control freak. I agree with Polycarp, and he said everything I wanted to, and much better than I ever could have.

Here’s a link to the Desiderata…I keep it on my homepage.

And I think you’re pretty terrific, dear. {{hugs}}

Here you go
A beautiful poem…brings peace just reading it.


jeez Falcon…one minute…that’s all you beat me by…just one minute

I’m confused. Snark is gay, but he condems gay behaviour and thinks homosexuality is a sin ? He is intollerant towards gay people, but is gay himself ?

Huh ? What’s the deal… perhaps I should check out that thread and learn.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Okay, Snark, you cannot flame yourself.

Moderators, can we have a rule that people cannot flame themselves? It is just not natural.

Snark, I have interacted with you online for a while now. I know from your posts that you have some things that you want to deal with and that is fine.

In general, I find you to be an intelligent and thoughtful young man, though maybe you get a bit hasty sometimes. You have your opinions and when you realize that you may have offended someone you appologize.

I think that is more Christian behavior than the way a lot of Christians act, I do not care what ARG says. We may not agree on some areas of theology, but you are a great guy.

I ain’t hugging you, but I will gladly give you a cyber-handshake. (I am not much of a hugger).

::: extending hand to shake with Snark ::::


Besides, flaming oneself would be self-abuse!

Snark is a homosexual masturbator?? :slight_smile:

::shaking hands with Jeffery::

That Desiderada is a beautiful poem and has a lot of wisdom in it. Thanks for sending it my way, folks. :slight_smile:

Coldfire: I don’t think homosexual feelings are a sin, but I do think homosexual behavior is. But I’m no one to be condemning others.

One thing I should make clear, upon a sleepless night’s reflection: I still support the LDS leaders as prophets. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m at odds with their counsel. But members of the LDS church are allowed to think for themselves (Gasp!) and form their own opinions, contrary to popular belief. Not everything is set in stone (or golden plates).

Oh Snark,you are just so rational and lovable.I think I’ll turn myself into a man so’s I can be with you! Love (me)

Orangecakes: You don’t have to be a man to get my attention, < g > . But remember, this is the BBQ Pit, so say something mean next time!

Okay, bugger off! (I hope you get the joke, pun) :o

LOL, that’s better. :slight_smile:

Reasonable. We established that Snark is a bit masochistic, so to properly do him up good in the Pit, we all complimented him! :slight_smile:

“A masochist is someone who likes nothing better in the morning than a cold shower. So he takes a warm one.”

One question,Snark,when you flame yourself,do you have to clean the walls? :wink:

The poster beneath me is really smart!

Since this is the pit, I can only point out that whenever my eyes unwillingly stumble over Desiderata, I can only take comfort in calling to mind:


Orangecakes wrote:

No, but getting the smoke smell out of the drapes is pure hell…