Snarkfest '06!

Good day, friends. This is an open celebration of all things snarky and sarcastic. Say something snarkastic (yes, MY word) to something a poster said previously.

Here’s some fodder:

Hey, I sure had a good day at work today!

So you actually did something the boss pays you for, instead of surfing SDMB?

At least he has a job.

You call that a job? Wild monkeys do that for free.

When they’re not busy flying out of your butt…

So why are you looking at his butt?

Because he taught it to sit between his shoulders and speak.

That’s not my butt you dope, I’m giving LOUNE a piggy-back ride.

Of course it’s your word. No one could have possibly used it before, including writers for a Gilmore Girls episode that first aired almost two years ago.

Thank Og you’re here with you’re encyclopedic knowledge of all things Gilmore.

This thread is so lame, pregnant women get up and offer it their seat on the bus.

Thank Og your here with you’re encyclopedic knowledge of grammar.


I should have expected something like that from a Commie.

Oh great Harmonious Discord, our resident Bushie showed up to call somebody a commie. We can all rest easy now.

I love it when a thread devolves into liberal-bashing vs. conservative-bahsing.

saorise you and your “won’t somebody think of the children” whinge are just what this thread needed.

Try again. You’ll get it right eventually.


The misspellings were intentional and facetious. Pass it on.

Yeah, you try to organize a brainful of useless information. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

How is that difficult? A brain the size of yours can hold about two to three facts, tops.