Snarkfest '06!

Don’t try this at home. We’re professionals.

What, something like setting your yard on fire?

What’s the point of this thread again? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a Nero wanna-be…

Yeah that VunderBob don’t fiddle around when it comes to burning down the town.

Your breath smells wonderful, but just for fun, have a tic tac, k?

Those things will rot your teeth. But obviously that sort of thing doesn’t concern you.

Well, thank Og Surly Chick showed up to show us all the way to health and happiness. I mean, what if Q.E.D. had sucked on that TicTac. Why he would have gained a bazillion pounds, had all his teeth rotted out and probably would have gotten cooties! :eek:

It is SO much easier to finish putting out your newspaper when your phone lines are down so none of your sources can call you back!

Because I’m sure they’ll be inventing sugar-free mints any day now.

Jeez, where have you had your head buried, they’ve had sugarfree mints for years now.

Well, I guess you’d know; with that breath of yours, i’m sure you end up having to eat many.

You suck 'm, not bite 'em, Einstein.

I bet you hear that line a lot, huh?

And you would know about suck as opposed to bite.

Sucking works better without teeth, and that’s why there’s breath mints with lotsa sugar…

The master speaks!

Getting crowded back there?

Nice simulpost, Steinberg.

I asked about Altoids in the blow-job thread and boy, did I get an eye-opener!