Sniff Sniff...what stinks?????

OH…it’s the smell of kids, freshly let out of school and unleashed on our board.

I won’t bother addressing points, moron. I will say “GROW THE FUCK UP and GET OVER IT!!”

Man, and I thought I’d seen every dumb comment there was until I saw “Why on Earth do people shit in public bathrooms?” I guess the answer is “Because it’s rude to shit in the cafeteria”



Whew! I thought I left my shoes under the coffee table again.

Ahh summer. Trips to the beach, barbecues, and people running amok on the board. It could be worse. He could have asked, “why on earth don’t people shit in the cafeteria?” :smiley: At least he admitted that he thought he might be weird for thinking this. I have a very dear friend who will not use any public restroom for #2. He has to be at home, because he has to get naked in order to use the crapper. So, it takes all types, I guess. Don’t let him get to you. Summer’s just begun. :slight_smile:

Nothing really to add. I just thought it was interesting that right under your thread title was this one

Way TMI: Excrement Fetishists – dear lord why?

So right now I’m picturing Skerri’s buddy racing home with a bad case of the shits, flinging off his t-shirt and dropping trou as he runs through the front yard towards the door to his house…

Can you imagine his poor wife?

“Okay, he either wants me or he has to durf.”

… he realises too late that his house keys are in his pants, which are lying in the middle of the street. With no time to run back and get them, in one move he strips off his boxers and leaps into the bushes in front of his picture window. Squatting in the damp soil, he peers through the window to see his wife and her book club sitting down for tea…

Oh Zette sweety, you know I love you and everything, but I was reading that guys OP and was saying to myself “preach it brutha”, but then again, you know me, Miss PoopParticlePhobia.

You have to admit that this quote is pretty good and I laughed my ass off when I read it.

"I still have a strong feeling, though, that there is a little more public pooping going on than is really necessary. However, I have no facts to back that up, at least not yet. "

BTW, you can poop in the bathroom in our room in Vegas as long as you turn the fan on. :smiley:

Zette, amazingly enough, the poster in question claims to have owned a cell phone ten years ago. Since there aren’t too many 6-year-olds carrying around cell phones, the poster in question has to be at least in his mid-20s … probably older.

And he STILL acts like a seventh-grader. What an immature prick.

And Diane, if you even halfway agree with the OP in question, then you are acting like a frickin’ child. Take your “phobias” for a long walk off a short pier.

How high is this short pier? I have a fear of heights.

Et tu, Diane? Then fall Zette

Seriously, you anti-poop folks. Do you really think people can just set a timer and have their bowels wait for them? I know that


Since my back surgery, I have little control over my whens. My when is RIGHT MOTHERFUCKING NOW most times, so if I waited until I got home I’d either never be able to leave the house or I’d have to wear Depends and smell like shit all day.

I don’t get it. Yeah, I don’t like a nasty bathroom either, but it’s a BATHROOM. With a TOILET. It’s where you shit. It’s either there or in the cafeteria, and I think most would prefer the restroom.

May the bowel Gods never curse the anti-poopers with ass troubles. It must be nice to have shit that you can dislodge at will AND it doesn’t stink!


PS Diane: I’m going to eat Mexican food the whole time in Vegas. Awwww Yeah!

So Zette, does this mean farts WILL be allowed in the hotel room? Will I need to stock pile my ammo?

Your friends are in the bathroom with you?

For me, this begs the question, “Isn’t it just plain wrong to snort coke in a public restroom?”

Bully: Oh, little Lisa is going to the bathroom all by herself
Other bullies: Hahahaha
Lisa: Yeah, when are you people going to start?