Snipers in Kiev. SBU unveils the truth.

There are plenty of versions, the truth is always one:

I hope those two in record are already preparing their public press conferences. Personally want to know the truth here and now! How many more ministers in EU knew about the real state of deals in Kiev? Why the truth on Ukraine is under a lock and not for public? Were there Europeans among bloody snipers shooting Ukrainians of both sides in Kiev? Since when finally do people in Europe receive mistake-free information about Ukraine not from newspapers, radio and television, but receive it by their own from the Internet?? Free and independent journalists, where are you all now?? You know, there will definitely be little surprise for me if people in Northern Korea now got more truth on Ukraine than we do in the very center of Europe…

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In my experience the truth is rarely one, although you can sometimes see the shape of it by putting all the other pieces together.

The Doctor at the centre of claims that snipers had killed people on both sides of the protests in Ukraine last month has denied telling Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet that policemen and protesters were killed in the same manner.

There’s certainly a northern (little n) Korea but no “Northern Korea”.

Mad props for the hyperbole, but it’s in a bit of bad taste to compare yourselves to a bunch of literally impoverished, drug addicted, starving people who don’t actually have any real news coverage, much less a steady source of electricity to run televisions/computers/printing presses.

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Damn, I’m 2 for 2 on guessing the join date by the thread title this week. I’d like to think that means I’m clever, but it really just means the thread titles are ham-fisted and obvious, the other being unacceptable: Ukraine nationalists in power call Chechen terrorists for help.

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