SNL 05FEB w/ Paris Hilton

I thought it was a pretty good show actually. Tho PH just played herself or someone just like her.

The ads were great (The fake ads are one thing that SNL usually does well at)

The geek chat line skit was a hoot. “it’s the Vulcan season of Pon Farr and and I don’t mate I will die” “I’m giving myself the Vulcan nerve pinch”


That was the only funny part. The skiing skit with Donatella lasted way too long, and the shopping thing was blah.

I gave up and went to bed when the first musical number started.

Thank OG for fast forward. Even Weekend Update was meh.

The writers should have taken the show off (insert your own joke here) and let Keane play for 90 minutes.

At the very least, stop including Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sans in anything.

Last night’s episode was totally unmemorable. I can barely even remember what was on. Bleh. Worst episode of the season, so far, and this season hasn’t been setting them on fire, except for Weekend Update which has gotten better (except for last night).

I thought the reference to the Daleks was cool.

sucked, weekend update sucks since jimmy fallon left. those fake commercials sucked too. this show sucks.

I was channel-surfing, and I knew PH was hosting. I tuned in for about 15 seconds of some skit where Paris was in a hoop skirt, and doing the obvious sitdown joke. I clicked away, and I told Mrs. Nott., “That was Paris Hilton, in the bad wig.” She said, “Really! What’s the point?” I had no answer. :dubious: