"SNL" with Scarlett Johansson

I knew it was going to be a particularly flat show when “Deep House Dish” appeared so early in the evening. It’s not an offensively BAD sketch so much as it is a waste of time.

I thought Weekend update was funnier than usual and the opening dialog/number was funny.

Bad skit, but the appearance of the Swedish chef commercial in the Food channel skit broke me up. (BTW: Food Channel: ESPN for fat people)

The Taco commercial was a repeat, I think they had a problem and had to rearrange skits on the fly. The repeat commercials usually indicate a quick emergency filler to buy time.


This was one of the rare Saturday nights that I watched the show and it was frightenly awful. I really dig Scarlett too, but they didn’t take advantage of her with any interesting or funny sketches. The only nugget that was mildly amusing was the “My Super Sweet Sixteen” skit which was mainly funny because it’s so true, not because they included any particularly funny dialogue or one-liners.

Agreed, those two bits made me chuckle.

Scarlett looked great, gotta add. Ripe!

Man, that show sucked.

The Jane Austen version of a Bill Brassky sketch had some potential, but went nowhere, proving without qualification that guys are funnier than broads.

Absolutely LOVED the opening cartoon of Robertson telling the kids that Dick Clark’s stroke was punishment from God for showing Bloopers! Did Rigel write that one?
Also, the Duluth sketch where the band kept singing interminably truly lasted wayyyyyyy too long.

was there no opening pre-credits number or something? My DVR didn’t record one… was it cut from the west coast broadcast or something?

There was an opening Cartoon instead of an opening Skit.

And it was great.

I liked Amy Poehler’s Weekend Update bit:

“The French have launched their own version of Google called Quaero. You just type in the subject you’re interested in and Quaero (Amy using French Accent) refuses to look it up for you.”

Apparently the cold open cartoon was thrown in at the last minute; according to a poster on another message board, who attended dress rehearsal, it was supposed to be a Hardball sketch featuring Darrell Hammond. Something must have happened to Hammond in the meantime, because he did not appear in the live show.

I fell asleep early and missed the whole show. Please tell me I didn’t miss Chris Parnell and/or Andy Samberg rapping again!

No such luck. Samberg had mildly amusing bit on the news.

Kind of tough to get a cartoon character to voice “Live from New York–it’s Saturday night!!!” ad lib, wouldn’t you say?

I actually thought that the show was better than most I’ve seen recently. I hadn’t seen Scarlett do comedy before, and I thought she was funny. At the very least, the swedish cooking show, the chandelier commercial, and the submarine sketches were funny IMO. Some good lines were “This jacket’s expensive.” and “Omigod, she’s acting like a total immigrant!”. Another merit of this show was that Horatio Sanz’s screen time was kept to a minimum.

Nope. ESPN is ESPN for fat people.

That was a joke on SNL, not my comment. Beside almost every pro athlete watch ESPN, so what you said isn’t even valid and I am a fat person. (not a food channel watcher)


I have heard he will be gone by the end of the season. As far as I am concerned he should be gone now. Give Adam more time.


Adam who?