SNL black noise

This short at the very end was the best part of the show. Loved it. A take off on white noise sounds to get one to sleep. Sorry I cannot find the link.

The full episode is on Hulu, and you can skip to the end.

Yeah, that was a great bit.

I sent a bottle of sparkling apple juice to your house. Did you get it?

I really enjoyed Kanye West’s second performance. I loved what they did to the stage, it made it look like a music video.

Agree, the visual production was good. When the dancers left the frame is when I really took note of this. I watched it again just to watch it again.


That “What up with that?” sketch was comedy gold.

That skit ran 7 1/2 minutes, which was about 4 minutes too long. It would’ve been a funny line if we hadn’t heard it 28 times.

I thought the Black Noise bit was the best of the night, What’s Up With That a close second…Kenan is almost always gold (except for the House Music sketch).

Wonder if they’ll ever get (the real) Lindsey Buckingham to appear.

Good lord do I love “What Up With That?”. I’m thinking red tracksuit guy is the perfect Halloween costume. We always end up going to bars, and to just stand in the corner of the dance floor doing all that would be gold.

I would pay good money to see Wanda Sykes on “What Up With That?”

Just to see her slap the fuck out of everyone there. You know she would.

The whole episode was awful except for Black Noise and What’s Up With That. Otherwise one of the worst SNL episodes I have ever seen.

The game show skit could have been a lot better, especially seeing just how weird the original show was.

By the way, I have - for the last 3 hours - been humming “Ooooooooo-ooh a wee! What up with that, what. up. with. that!”

I’m not sure whether I hate or love you all.

As an aside, I thought the new girl did a great Miley Cyrus impression.

Yeah… unfortunately, being as annoying as the real Miley Cyrus doesn’t necessarily make it fun to watch.

And how telling is it that the SNL thread really only picks up on the Thursday after…

Isn’t he supposed to be Richard Simmons? And Fred Armisen is Kenny G?

Fred Armisen is definitely Kenny G, but Sudeikis’ character is just “Red Track Suit Guy”. His wiki lists him as “breakdancer”.