SNL Dev. 6, John Malkovich

J*** in My Pants is officially the best thing since Dick in a Box.

The rest of it was pretty bad, though.

I liked Malkovich’s cynical Night Before Christmas, and the Gas Right Strips ad.

Who was in the Jizz in My Pants video with Samberg? I recognized Timberlake and Jamie Lynn Sigler, but not the guy with the emo hair who sang.

I loved the idea of the the lost works of Judy Blume - and Malkovich as a pre-teen girl at a sleepover was awesome enough - but it seems like once they had the initial idea, they didn’t know where to go with it, which is really too bad.

Malkovich reading to children in the monologue was pretty good, although he kept mispronouncing words and I found it a little distracting.

“Jizz in My Pants” seemed like Samberg was just trying to do something “shocking” like “Dick in a Box,” but it wasn’t as funny.

I’m so glad Amy Poehler’s back. I dig Seth Myer (I know a lot of people loathe him), but Weekend Update was too important to the show for him to carry it alone.

Thought he was great, especially in the Christmas scene.
Great to see Amy.
Not too bad, considering

I know I’ll be in the minority, but I like Kristen Wigg’s commercials for Virginia Horsen’s hot air balloon rides and pony express service. Quirky in the way that Andrea Martin used to do on SCTV.

I thought it was a pretty strong episode. Malkovich’s opening was hilarious. The digital shorts were funny, weekend update was good, and in general the skits were above average in quality. The ‘sexy employee’ with Wiig started off looking like it would be seriously annoying, but got funnier towards the end.

I don’t know, I mean, the more time I watch that video the funnier it gets.

Fellow Lonely Island-er Jorma Taccone. I had to look him up, but he was quite good. Looks like we’ll be seeing some more of him, as this was the first single from Lonely Islands debut album.

I thought the funniest thing about that was that if you want Virgania Horsen to deliver something for you, first you have to mail it to her P.O. Box.

I thought that was the only remotely clever thing in that short. I even felt embarrassed for the people on the laugh track.

A truly awful episode. J— in My Pants, while not quite D— in a Box, was the only bright spot. I loved the part where the guy threatened to pay by check.

I’m still amazed that they got away with saying “jizz” so many times without bleeping it.

Jorma! He should have been in the cast from the start. I always thought he was a stronger actor than Andy.

Yeah, but Andy’s cuter!

That ‘cool’ Obama thing had me cracking up to tears. I have no idea why I loved it so much, but it just really felt like he nailed Obama’s coolness. Funny.

Kristen Wiig is my girl.

They really should’ve have Armisen light up a cigarette. I was just waiting for it, because it would’ve fit that midnight jazz styling so well.

I caught bits & pieces of it.

What on God’s Earth was the point of the Calculator Sketch?!?!

Amy as Hillary- Great.

Seth & Boy George- Pretty Good.

Obama Cool- Ditto.

Malkovich’s “Sant Nikolaas”- OK.

Same with Judy Blume.

I did not care for J*** but it was still better than the Calculator boys.
BEST Malkovich sketch EVAH- “You mock me”- his foppish nobleman attended by Carvey & Lovitz.

I loved those. They were a complete satire of the poorly made poorly edited commercials you see for local businesses. I’ve seen the same type of commercials made for Buck’s Auto Mart or Jay-Jays Cellphone World.

Yes, I liked these as well. They reminded me of some stuff from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, which most people hate, but which I think are often very funny.


I like Malkovich as an actor, but he may be the most pretentious man in show business. What was up with his pronunciation of St. Nicholas?

He was doing a self-satire.