Only thing I enjoyed was the guest…the monologue/introduction thing.
Horatio Sanz on the WU was painful to watch. I missed the musical guest.

I actually thought it was a pretty good episode. I think the new cast members are a real asset. I fast-forwarded Ashlee Simpson, so I have no idea what she sounded like.

I am certain that Ashlee Simpson was not lip-synching this time; I can tell because she couldn’t hit a single freaking note.

It’s really time for her to give up her screen time in favor of someone with talent.

Ashlee sucked as usual. Apparently she didn’t get that memo. Horatio Sanz really needs to be fired. Now I’m starting to hate Fred Armisen as much as Rachel Dratch.

As for WU - Amy could pull off the whole segment by herself. Why ruin it with the painfully unfunny Sanz? I ended up fast forwarding after a couple of minutes.

Very weak show overall.

Shouldn’t a new season mean new characters and new bits? I stopped fast forwarding after a WU that was the Ashlee Simpson of news parodies.

Rachel Dratch was in excellent form, especially the blind date and funeral home sketches. This could be her break-out season!

Didn’t see the episode, but did Tina Fey leave Weekend Update? That’s how it sounds from some of the comments…

Did they make fun of Ashlee Simpson’s lip-synching debacle from last year? :smiley: I’m surprised she had the guts to go back on the show.

Tina’s on maternity leave - her daughter Alice is a few weeks old.

I don’t recall that they made any comments about Ashlee’s ‘incident’ last year except one that she made about how ‘she wrote her first song after her last SNL experience’.

No Maya last night - I wonder if her baby’s making an entrance soon.


They kind of alluded to the debacle in the promos, but that was pretty much it. It was disappointing to see SNL puss out like that, but not surprising.

Interesting. I taped it and, after the monologue (which reinforced my desire for Amy Poehler and a tub of marshmallow fluff, but I digress), wound up fast forwarding through it except for a couple of minutes. I stopped when Clinton jumped into Frist and Delay’s car, and continued after he got to his destination.

I fast forwarded throug WU. It was just too painful watch. I may have watched a total of five minutes of the entire show. I will automatically zip through any sketch where Dratch is the main character.

I laughed so hard during the “Taco Time” phoney commercial with the new guys. That, and the opening monologue were the high points for me.

True, the Taco Time commercial was an absolute classic. It caught the current food obsession with fatter and fatter foods perfectly.

Did everybody see it interrupted by another commercial for a funeral home or something similar for just a couple of seconds before it continued?

You beat me to it!

I thought I was going to loose it when the pizza came out…the giant blueberry pancake… :smiley: :smiley:

And Sanz gave me a couple of laughs…better than last week and that may be the toughest gig of the show to pull off. By the time Tina makes it back I bet Sanz will be hitting on all cylinders.

Those that didn’t like him, are you gonna tell me for sick dark humor “then you should try chemo” didn’t get a laugh out of you?

That was the graphic for the lame funeral home skit that flopped towards the end of the show.

Somebody hit the wrong button in the control room.

With only Amy and Rachael left, the glaring lack of female comedians sorta depresses me. They hired two new people last year and three this year, all male.

On the other hand, I got a huge kick out of Amy’s butt-pumpin’ Horatio and Rachael losing it in the last-minute arrival of the coffin. They all looked great in the Black-Eyed Peas bit!

That always makes me laugh. She still likes to claim she writes her own songs.
More like she doodles a couple sentences in a notebook about how she ‘feels’ and gives them to a professional song writer to create a song from.
Pa-lease, like she would know the first thing about writing a song.

I thought the werewolf bit was pretty funny.

Also, the taco. . .wrapped in a pizza, wrapped in a blueberry pancake. Pretty funny.

You know what’s bothered me for several seasons now? In the beginning of the show, Lorne said he didn’t want SNL to be like the Carol Burnett Show - they weren’t going to crack up at themselves in the middle of sketches because they were so freakin’ hilarious.

Yet it seems like half their airtime is spent trying to crack each other up - at the expense of the sketches. I adore Amy Poehler, I really do, but it seems like half her purpose on the show is to try to make Darrell or Horacio laugh. Debbie Downer was funny when they all started laughing, but that was about it. I’m sick of seeing them try to make each other laugh.


And I can’t spell.

Hammond and Sanz.

I can’t remember how to spell their first names.