Snow, (*^% Snow

When I came home from work today, we had 12" on the ground, and when I finished plowing, there was 13". I wonder how much more snow we’ll get?

My truck was all over the road (driveways) when plowing, due to the heavy snowfall amount and the ice underneath.

How much snow did y’all get from this last storm in the Northeast?

I think I saw a dozen snowflakes when I stopped for groceries this afternoon. But we’re just a bit south of the storm’s track.

Looks like you got the storm that hit us over the weekend. Saturday morning I checked the forecast - 30% chance of flurries in the evening. I didn’t think anything more of it, I had things to do around the house. The next time I looked outside, when I left for work at 6 Sunday morning, 8 freaking inches or more.

About 6" just outside of Boston, turned wet as the afternoon went on.

Me, I love the snow. :slight_smile:

It’s friggin’ HOT outside. The so-called “cool season” is heating up … again!

What’s this “snow” stuff?

A snow hater here. I don’t mind the cold weather, but hate the snow! Sorry to hear you are getting it, so far my area has dodged it.