Snow -- well this should be fun...

Yeah, it’s snowing and cold, but if you dress for it, it’s no problem. Certainly we haven’t got the depths that you East Coasters seem to get…

Hey, I hate boring weather. I’ve got quilting supplies, knitting supplies, plenty of food…I’m looking forward to being stuck here in Boston. In fact, I hope i can’t even go to work on Monday. Woo hoo! Snow days rule!


Finally. A big storm that doesn’t end in rain. Skied today, will probably head out to Blue Hills tomorrow and skin up/ski down in the 24"+ new snow. Life is good.

I just opened my back door. I was greeted by a short wall of snow. I even measured it. 10.5" in 8 hours. It’s not supposed to stop til tomorrow afternoon or something. If I wake up and can’t see out my back door, I’ll know they were right. Then I’ll go back to bed singing a Creedence Clearwater Revival song. Until spring.

You guys are lucky. At least you have reasons for going insane about winter weather. Here in richmond (va) we got about zero inches of snow and a light sprinkling of ice. Everything is shut down. LOL

Well it’s about 830AM here in Maine, and it’s still snowing. And it’s windy. Which is going to make clearing the driveway real fun. Here’s what I woke up to:

The driveway.

The back yard.

More back yard.

Looks like we got about a foot+, but the drifts are gonna be real fun. Blizzard warnings are still in effect for Boston thru Portland until 6 PM tonight!

Well, 9:00 in the morning, the wind is howling, and they’re expecting 28-38 inches of snow all along the Mass coast including my area. The car and snowblower are in the garage which is blocked by 3 foot drifts. The odds of my leaving the house today are not great. The odds of my even getting out of bed aren’t that high.

In north-western Ontario we had a terrific dump of snow on Friday and Saturday. Today I saw a father sacrifice his pre-school children to the ski gods by leading them off a cliff.

It was only a 10’ cliff, so the tots had a blast dropping down into the powder and tumbling down the slope. Would have made great footage for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.