I am going snowboarding this weekend. Having never even gone skiing, I have some questions. Basically, any pointers?

I am taking a two hour class before actually hitting the slopes, and I decided on snowboarding because I figure I would have to learn how to do either.

So, help me out with any hwlpful tips.

I have been riding for 12 years… since I was 14…

The best lesson I can teach is to get lessons… it’s shitty, but it helps. Otherwise, one full day of falling on your ass usually helps… I swear you will be better on you second day… most people are.

Don’t be afraid to fall on your ass. It will help you avoid hitting trees.

Believe it or not, the intermediate runs are easier to learn on then the easy ones… a bit of speed is your friend… use it.

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Snowboarding in April? I’m very envious.

If you’re like me at all, you’ll fall on your ass and on your knees for pretty much the whole lesson, and you might get discouraged. But even a klutz like me got better after awhile, so you will to. I’ve heard people say that the first 8-10 hours on a board are the hard ones, after that you really start to enjoy yourself. That was probably about right for me.

Oh, Squee’s advice to try the intermediate hills, that worked for me too. The beginner hills can be so flat that it’s hard to keep your momentum going, which makes it hard to turn. But whatch out if the intermediate hills are crowded, it can be scary having some expert blow by you at a hundred miles an hour. Have fun!

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The biggest thing about learning to snowboard is remembering to fall on a closed fist rather than an open hand. Most people I know on their first time snowboarding(me included) sprained, broke, or just screwed up their thumb)

Bring some Excedrin.

My first day snowboarding, I fell backwards and hit my head about a million times. I had a serious headache at the end of the day.

Good luck! You’ll be frustrated at first and all of a sudden, it’ll come to you and you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the input. I think I am going to wear my roller hockey girdle under my snowpants so I don’t land right on my tailbone when (not if) I fall.

It seems that when people get over the fear of falling, they get more comfortable. I don’t anticipate any problems of that sort.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

I can ski like a madman, but my one experience on a snowboard convinced me that I should be standing on two planks rather than one.

Of course, I’m goofy-footed, and they didn’t take that into account, so I was pretty much going down the mountain backwards. If you feel like that your first day, go get a goofy board instead.

Make sure you wear waterproof pants.

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