Snowed in and bored

Hello everybody from the northeast,
Snows falling pretty hard outside. I’m kinda stuck inside of my house. Stuck inside my house with absolutly nothing to do. Right now I’ve been spending the last hour reading old threads, while listening to music on Napster.
At least I got to sleep late, while everyone else around the country went off to school or work. But I’m so insanly bored it would almost be worth it.
I’m starting to get cabin fever. I need to get out somewhere. But it’s so cold out! And so warm in here! I just want to go back to bed, get under my covers and sleep for the rest of the day. Sounds like a plan.
So what’s everybody else up to today?

In NY. It’s really coming down, and we have blizzard warnings. I’m inside today, doing some homework, listing some E-bay items, and in a few minutes I’m going to eat something and maybe do some baking. I made awesome cinnamon rolls last night, and I may try for some peanut butter cookies. I likely won’t make it to work tomorrow, either since we’re supposed to get a shitload more snow and I live out in the boonies, so what the heck!

I may have to play some Sims to keep myself occupied. Right now I’m checking out the new Expansion pack that is coming called “House Party”. Sounds like fun!

So that’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:


Heh. Not snowing one tiny little bitty bit here in Downstate Illinois. Suck it up, New York Intelligentsia! :smiley:

However, out here in the Heartland we do have our own little trials to go through–today’s a state holiday called Pulaski Day, after Casimir Pulaski, quote, “A Revolutionary War General” unquote. That’s all anybody knows about him. He’s a Revolutionary War general. We’ve got a HUGE Polish-American lobby up in Chicago that pushed this thing through a few years ago. So no school today, kids underfoot watching infomercials on TV, the library’s closed, but the mail must go through, famous completely obscure Revolutionary War generals notwithstanding.

Ah, you people and your I’m-snowed-in problems! Some of us had to work, you know!

It was coming down hard here in DC for a while, but not really sticking - by the time I leave this afternoon, there will be no problem. Which is a shame, because the “Storm of the Century of the Week” should have allowed me to miss some work. :smiley:

Now, if I were snowed in at home, I would be online, chatting. I would be maintaining a user group I moderate (a teeny one). I would be writing a movie review of Traffic. I would be playing Doom. All kinds of fun things!

I’m snowed in here in Boston, as well. I’m certainly not bored, though. Theres lots of stuff to get caught up on – correspondence, bills, cleaning up. If I get past that (and even if I don’t) there’s witing I want to do.

And eventually I’m gonna have to shovel all that stuff piling up outside.