Snowed in Geek-genuity

So a friend was telling me a story about a geek who was stuck at the Denver airport. Apparently, while the airport was shut down and no flights were moving, he used his laptop and took over one of the monitors used to show flight times and used it to show movies to other stranded travelers. Gotta love geek-genuity!

Anyone got a cite for the above story? Anyone else heard about this?

– IG

When I retell this story, the geek in quesiton will have taken over all the monitors, linked them, and shown movies on a massive, 96-monitor display.

When I tell the story the geek at the airport will be going home to see his girlfriend but his ubergeek rival created a weather machine that caused the blizzard.

When I tell the story the uber Geek will be a girl.

A hot girl who wouldn’t give any of you chumps the time of day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t heard about that one, but I have a similar one (and if people don’t stop screwing with the remotes I may do it again).

We have an anime club at school, and we books out rooms with DVD players. This year it’s been the common rooms, but last year a couple times we booked out classrooms with video equipment. Technically we’re not allowed to use it because none of us has been trained on it*–from a practical standpoint this just means we can’t get at the remotes, but the DVD players and projectors are accessible. So we could get the DVDs to play, but couldn’t get into the menus to change the language settings. So unless the disc was Japanese only, we were watching in English.

Then one week the president’s friend came, and she, for some unknown reason, brought her PS2 with her. We hooked that up to the DVD player, popped in the DVD and used the controller to change the language settings.

*This year we tried to get someone trained, but were refused.

*I *heard the girlgeek hooked up like all the monitors in the airport, like in all the airport bars and shit, like the really big ones, and hit some Dead on iTunes and everybody did shrooms and grooved on the giant visualizers, man. And like a SWAT team came in from Utah on like snowmobiles and shit, but instead of you know arresting everybody, they like offered her a job because she cracked the security system. At least, that’s what I heard.