Snowed-In Sex

Every time there’s a big snowstorm, you hear the old chestnut about a spike in births nine months later. Apparently it’s common knowledge that heavy snow and cabin fever put everyone in an amorous mood. For those affected by this weekend’s blizzard, did you have sex while snowed in?

I would have, but alas, my sweetheart and I are stuck on opposite sides of the Baltimore metro area. :frowning:

When I was younger I had sex EVERY time a blizzard came through.

I lived in the Deep South however…

Supposedly hurricane sex might work but not for me apparently.

For me, the “who the else ya gonna fuck?” worked on the rare occasion…

I don’t live in blizzard country, but I do live in hurricane country.

When the power’s knocked out so you can’t watch TV or listen to the radio and you can’t go anywhere because of flooding and trees are knocked down and it’s too dark to read by candlelight…hey, it’s a fun way to pass the time.

Didn’t the snow last a few days? Snowed in or not, I’m having sex.

We were more “iced”-in than snowed-in, but we still took advantage of some *free *time.

Snow didn’t really affect us here in Idaho.

I guess this explains why you people live in cold places. Alas, the last time I was stuck somewhere because of a hurricane I only had my male roommates handy.

Right now?!

Sex is always an option, but I drive Jeep Wrangler. I am never snowed in.

During the hurricane most people are likely to be too worried about the roof and/or the rising floodwater from minute to minute to really get into the mood. Plus the AC’s out so it’s getting quite stuffy and sweltering inside the boarded-up house.


But wouldn’t the “we are about to die…must have sex now!” and the “hey, its hot in here…must remove most clothes…hey we are nearly naked…must have sex now!” factors compensate?

Apparently Hollywood has mislead me yet again…

Why would that stop you? :smiley:

But in all seriousness no. If the heat is off because the power is out I am in no mood for naked time.

I have never been snowed in but I’ve been in a blackout, hurricaned in, and just out right too cold to go the hell outsided in. All of these conditions piss me right off and not only am I not in the mood to have sex, I kind of wish the person would go away. I realize this probably has more to do with my lousy choice of partners.

Circle jerk?

It doesn’t snow where I live, but we did have lots of sex.

More likely it just means there’s nothing else to do.

By the same token, employers advertising jobs in godforsaken places emphasize that “it’s a great place to raise a family”.

Baby names high on the list for October 2016 births will be: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven.