"Snuff film" discovered to be Nine Inch Nails music video

Found this screamingly hilarious and melodramatic Hard Copyreport on Youtube from 1990, which concerns a mysterious video camera that floated into a farmer’s fields on balloons. The tape contained footage of what appeared to be a gang-related homicide: a young man sprawled on his back, covered in blood in a dark alley, while two frightening-looking toughs stand over him. The tape was sent to the FBI to be studied, and much nail-biting ensued before they discovered it was footage of Nine Inch Nails’ “Down In It” music video! The ‘victim’ was Trent Reznor and the ‘murderers’ his bandmates Richard Patrick and Chris Vrenna.

You think that’s bad, you should see the “Broken” movie.

Actually, scratch that. Nobody should ever, ever see that. I can’t unsee it.

I’m still cackling over the TOTALLY UNBIASED reporting on this thing!

“Mr. Reznor, a man with a flair for wearing jewelry… in his nose!”

“I know, I know, it’s more like Nine Inch Noise!”

And the art student thing… oh my god, priceless!

But somebody think of the children!!!

Interrobang, now I’m wondering if this incident gave Reznor the idea for the *Broken *movie.

I rewatched the video just now, and I can’t decide what the best part is, there’s such a wealth of options.

  1. “I know, I know, it’s more like Nine Inch Noise!”


  3. The totally WTF-inducing art student dramatic recreation with the Mona Lisa.

  4. “[The police] were shocked to learn that the weird images on the film had nothing to do with a gang killing or Satanic ritual, but with something many people feel is just as insidious!” So Nine Inch Nails music videos are roughly on the same level of evil as a gangland killing and Satanic ritual sacrifice??

  5. “This is Trent Reznor, a man with a flair for wearing jewelry… in his nose!”

  6. The way Hard Copy seems to lay the blame for every hardship faced by every police officer nationwide, if not worldwide, at Trent Reznor’s door.

  7. The footage of Reznor dry-humping guitarist Richard Patrick at 6:53, which somehow made it onto national television.

When I see that clip, I have to believe there is a little bit of tongue-in-cheekiness there with the producers of the Hard Copy clip, who know exactly what is going on and are playing it a bit for laughs. I mean, come on, starting at 40 seconds into the clip with the Grieg ‘Morning’ in the background, the narrator with the ridiculous accent, and the over-the-top story. This is not being played completely straight.

My friend told me Bill O’Reilly got his start on Hard Copy, take that as you will.

No need to be redundant.

I saw that when it originally aired. If I remember, they originally found the footage and did an Unsolved Mysteries type segment. Then a few months later after it was solved they ran this one.

Actually Fundamentally Oral Bill got his start on WNEP-TV 16, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, the same station I watched as a young kid. Check out the hair on the guy when he walked the mean streets of Scranton.