So am I unelectable?

Idle thought passing through my mind as I drove a looooooooooong way home from field work today…

Given my location, am I completely out of touch with the voting public, and would I be completely unelectable?

I am 34, with an advanced science degree, and I’m beginning work on a PhD next year.

I am pretty socially liberal. Strongly for gay marriage. Have smoked pot (and a few other recreational chemicals,) not ashamed of it. Despise racism (yet think Affirmative Action is stupid, stupid, stupid.) Atheist (but not overly anti-religious. Let people worship what they want.)

I’m totally against the move toward Fundamentalism and theocracy (as I see it) in this country. Am totally convinced of the factuality of evolution. Think Intelligent Design is a cynical lie cooked up by would-be theocrats.

Abortion? Tough call. I haven’t made up my mind, but I lean toward Choice (but I have a strong emotional reaction against abortion.)

I’m completely against the War in Iraq, and I think it’s quite reasonable to call for Bush’s impeachment based on demonstrable lies during the run-up to war.

Fiscally, not so liberal. I’m borderline Libertarian on this one, but don’t believe in some of the Lib extremes of property ownership. Taxes should be cut. Government should stay the fuck out of people’s lives. All Blue Laws, sodomy laws, etc. should be struck down yesterday. Drugs should be legalized and regulated. On the liberal side, I believe the defense budget could use some of the fat trimmed, and the money should go toward education, national parks, infrastructure, etc. Believe the space program is desperately underfunded, and one of humanity’s greatest sources of hope.

I believe welfare should be cut down and overhauled. There’s far too much abuse of the system. Money should be put into work programs.

There should be no such thing as illegal immigration (except possibly criminals.) Our ancestors came here, by and large, looking for a better life. We already depend on immigrants. We should allow them the chance to get rich and settle in.

So would I be completely unelectable? Would I get my ass handed to me by a “Gumby” write-in? Would I disappear and be fed to a wood chipper somewhere in the woods long before election day?

What say you?

I suppose I should disclaim:

  1. I’m very, very tired. Apologies for the rambling anture of my OP.

  2. I was born and raised in Alabama, and I’m a true native son. I’m not ashamed of where I’m from at all. I love the place. I just often feel like I have nothing in common with most people in this state. My beliefs often seem 180 degrees different from the norm. I believe Sampiro can relate. :slight_smile:

Depends. Would “Ogre” be the name you run under?

Of course not. It’d be “Sir Blah.”

In which country?


Now, I don’t have real political aspirations…but I might at some point. Never can tell. Like I said, I love this state, but I think it’s immensely backward in some ways. I’d love to help usher Bama into the…well, hell, I’d be happy with the 20th century, but I have doubts as to whether I’d ever have what it takes to actually win the vote

Another strike against me: not rich or from a rich background. No fraternity connections. Definitely far from being part of the Good Ol’ Boy network.

While I certainly agree with some of your stances, your views on economics would turn me off entirely.

So, you probably wouldn’t win my vote unless you were up against someone who’s worse.

OK, thanks for the input. What would turn you off, specifically?

I wouldn’t vote for you. That whole liberal thing.

Put it this way, everytime I hear mentions of cutting taxes, I cringe. Yea, it’s tempting, but I think just “no.”

As for welfare, that’s actually a very difficult issue. Yea, it needs reform, but the problem is that the people who abuse it won’t be the ones getting hurt as they know how to manipulate whatever system they’re in. It’s honest people who are trying to better themselves, but need some help that end up slipping through the cracks and ultimately get punished through reform.
Sure, put $ into work programs, but what kind of work? And would the work be good enough to replace welfare? Because I do think that if certain jobs were paid a tad better, there might not be a need for welfare at all. shrugs

See, here’s that cruxxy political biscuit, Ogre. You should never admit to having any human characteristics like, “being tired”, until you are way up in the pecking order:, Then , you can be tired and blame it on the media, whosigh makes you tired. From the Mighty Battalions of Yawn:, do not apologize for anything, ever, ever , ever. Simply wait two weeks, when the glarebeam focus passes, and then you can go back to whatever ramblng anture you choose for awhile. It does help if you have a bigass wad of cash to entertain yer new best pals with, though.

See, this is another thing I was afraid of. I never identified myself as a liberal. I certainly don’t self-identify as a liberal. I’m NOT a liberal. And yet, because I have some socially liberal views, I’m automatically plastered, like Opus, with the label that won’t come off?

I mean, there’s the other half…the conservative half. Miss that?

I know it’s not simple. I didn’t mean to give the impression that I’m advocating some Limbaugh-esque abolition of the “Welfare State.” Not at all. However, there’s a lot of money going down the drain because of poor management, loopholes, pork programs, etc. The system needs to be overhauled, not eliminated.

Can I pay you big bucks to be my Minister of Kickass Tunes?

Your views so precisely mirror mine it’s scary. Just saying. :slight_smile:

Probably depends where you live, and who you’re running against. You’d be more electable in, say, Santa Cruz, California than just about anywhere in…South Dakota, say.

You may be a bit overly liberal for many. What is your take on health care?
Also, being non-religious would be a big strike against you.

I don’t consider myself liberal either; I think some of my social views are Genghis Khan-ish, even.
But, being pro-choice and pro-gay marriage (I am) automatically gets you that label. Even if you are anti affirmative action and conservative on welfare. (Me too.)
Don’t even get me started on my human spay/neuter plan…I’m anti most gun-control measures, too. Bush waffled on that one, but it didn’t brand him as a tree hugger.
Oh, and you probably would need strong union support, if you were to run for national office. Come to think of it - are you talking running for national office? Like I said earlier, you could probably do well in fairly liberal areas, regionally. I don’t think you’d have a snowballs chance nationally.

The Abortion thing and the Gay Marriage thing - most conservatives won’t look past that; you’re hosed, end of story. Automatically branded tree hugging simpleminded evil liberal, no matter what else.

I’d vote for you, but I’m in the wrong country. I share Jurhael’s views on your economic policy too, but you sound like you’d be first on my voting card anyway.

I would vote for you - as you are today, but I fear the need to make yourself more electable should you actually throw your hat into the ring would force you to become a “politician”. It’s sad that there are 1 issue voters, but that’s the reality.

I’d vote for you.

You are “better educated, & fitter for the office that your esteemed opponent”.

No-no-no. You are “politically innovative”, and you “seek new solutions to our problems”. That, & you’re Conservative. Yup. You are. Say that often. “Innovative & Conservative”.

Say this after you are elected.

WRONG! Tearfully admit it, be honest that you did it, & apologize. Then, accuse your opponent of being a heroin addict.

Good, good, plays very well.

:eek: :eek: :eek: NO! You “don’t keep a Church”, but you “want to keep Government frrom destroying our Freedom Of Religion”.

I dunno. Extremeists are getting un-popular, yet…

After election day. Again.


You mean to say that you “support our troops” and believe that “the time has come to re-unite them with their families”. And you want an inquiry into the reasons for War, letting the “chips fall where they may”.

Good, good. But don’t use the word “Libertarian”. It will confuse the Hell outta the old folks.

Always goes over well. :slight_smile:

No. :smack:

This flies well.

This flies very well.

This won’t sell. Make major compromises. Never discuss this in public.
You could get elected, if you keep your trap shut on certain things, learn to “spin”, & have all your own teeth. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Not only would I vote for you, but I’m prepared to send $25 towards your election campaign. Remind me of the name of your political action committee?

I either want to vote for you or marry you.

Since we’re both married to other folks, you’ll have to be content with my vote. :wink: