So, Any SCA dopers going to Gulf Wars?

I sure am.
If your there and wandering around I should be found on the rapier field. FIghting with err for the Merridian Queen with La Gran Companyia (black hawk on an 8 point star on a white field) Ask for Feodor :slight_smile:

No. <pout> Have a good time for me!

I never, ever get to go to Gulf Wars, because I have to work.

The Meridian Queen, aka the Dread Bunny Queen, is a friend of mine. Very cool person, and we miss her in the Midrealm.

Not this year. I just this last week started working again. Made it down there two years, ago, though. Had a blast. Beautiful weather. Probably not going to be below zero, I bet. Very little snow.

Have fun, and don’t get struck by lightning!

We won’t get to attend this year. Our Spring Breaks don’t coincide with the event, and I’m running woefully short on vacation time after my hospital stay in October.

I’ll miss it, though. Good friends, good food, and great shopping! I console myself with my guaranteed attendance at Gleann Abhann’s first Crown List.

Want me to say hello for you? Not far out of my way at all.

What?!? Is there a new kingdom coming? I must be behind on the gossip.