So, anyone following the Irish General Election?

We go to the polls today. Ruling party of the last 14 years are out the door*. I’m still undecided who I’m gonna vote for.

*thank fuck!

Following it very closely here in Dublin NW. Looks like we will definitely be ridding our selves of FF altogether. Roisin Shortall (Lab) to top the poll, it remains to be seen does she carry John Lyons through with her, and who will take the third seat. I reckon it could be a Lab, Lab & Sinn Fein constituency tomorrow. Dessie Ellis actually works very hard in this constituency and is well liked. Interesting times. Where are you based?

Do the parties that are likely to form the new government have any sensible policies to straighten out the economic mess? Or will they be elected simply because they’re not the FF?

Very interested. Was fairly involved with FF back in the day (National Executive) etc.

Alas I think it’s cos they’re not FF they’ll be elected. This campaign has been amazingly uninspiring. The opposition parties should have had free reign to create a new “vision” for Ireland but have universally failed to do so. The likely configuration of the next government, ideologically speaking, will be business as usual. :frowning:

I’m in verdant Dublin North.

It’s looking like Clare Daly will get in. :slight_smile:

I just Googled her. I wish we had more like her over here. Bernie Sanders is as close as we get. She ain’t bad on the eyes either. (Not that it matters, but it is always a nice bonus.)

Any thoughts on Enda Kenny? Al Jazeera is reporting that he is the likely candidate for prime minister. Would he be able to from an effective coalition with Labour?

I’m not a fan of his but I do hope their likely coalition works out. I dunno how well the centre right party will get on with the centre left, time will tell I suppose.

Gerry Adams got in well over the quota.

Can you describe the difference in platforms for the 3 parties? We in America are pretty blind to outside politics. Most of our attention is in the middle east now anyway.
I want some politicians in the world to tee off on the bankers and financial pros who crippled the world economy. I have been reading that in Scotland they are trying to clawback some of the money bankers grabbed. What is planned for Ireland going forward ? In America we just let them slide and stay in power.

Which 3 parties?

Presumably gonzo means Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour.

There’s also Greens and Sinn Féin, right? Oh, and the Socialists.

I saw an interview with Daly and 2 others who apparently were front runners. They had Irish names so I could not relate to them very well. If they were Liberal or Conservative named parties I could have a start then.’
In America we have more than 2 parties, but the Libertarians, Socialists and the Green party are not going to impact elections so they get no play.

Yep, Socialist Party might get a couple of seats too and a smattering of independents.

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil had common origins but are the descendent parties of the different factions in Ireland’s Civil War in the '20s. For the most part their actual policies don’t differ too much. I’d guess that Fine Gael are slightly more right-wing and slightly more honest than Fianna Fáil. Both essentially Centre-Right.

Fianna Fáil were for years the dominant party in the country, usually polling first or second. This is AFAIK the first election they’ve ever fought that has had them on such a low vote.

The Labour Party which will likely share in government with Fine Gael are roughly the same as the British Labour Party in policy. Centre-Left.

Sinn Féin are a Republican party, that are active in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, so are the only All-Ireland political party. Their President, Gerry Adams gave up his seat in Westminister and his membership of the Northern Ireland Assembly to stand for election in the Republic. He has now been elected a T.D. The political wing of the IRA, they have left wing policies and are probably the most left wing of the “big four”.

To add, the Socialist Party are a marginal party. They’ll get a couple of seats likely, and the United Left Alliance, which is a group of likeminded parties including them may get as many as five.
There’s also the Green Party, that was in the last government as the junior partner and who are now all but irrelevant.

Ruadh is probably busy tonight which is a pity as she’s much better informed on Irish politics than I am.

How did that work for Gerry Adams, by the way? He’s from Belfast–did he have to do anything special to stand for election in the Republic?

I don’t actually know, I think maybe he has a second home in the constituency. I know there’s one MP who represents Fermanagh-South Tyrone I think who lives in the Republic.

What new vision for Ireland would you like to see?