So, anyway, Dubya's coming to town...

He’s supposed to be visiting a local school some time today. I’m interested only to the extent that I’d like to avoid any associated traffic. So I go to the local paper’s website looking for a schedule or something.

The top half of the news section is entirely about the Jaguar’s victory yesterday. There are no links to an article about the president’s visit. And they wonder why I cancelled my subscription to the paper.

Just wanted to share.

Heh. Dubya was here in Toledo, with the Mexican president, Fox, last week. The coverage, television, print, and radio was friggin’ overwhelming. As were the traffic snarls. If a guy would run on the promise never to leave the Whitehouse, he’d win my vote.

Gee, someone there musta read what I wrote… so now it says he arrives at the airport at 3 and leaves at 5:30 - hardly seems worth the fuel it’ll take… Thankfully, I’ll be home before he gets to the school in question, and I live away from the insanity anyway… Nobody ever visits Orange Park - I guess it’s just to wholesome and suburban.

UncleBeer—that was a MESS, wasn’t it. It took me over 45 minutes to make a 10 min. trip home from work. UGH!
On the other hand, it also meant the city finally picked up the dead cat I’ve had to look at lying on the Trail for the past 2 weeks. woohoo

So how did the kids enjoy “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”?

That’s the book shrub reads at every school visit. I think it’s the only book he knows, but that’s a matter for IMHO.