So, Birmingham (England) is a Muslim City. Most stupid/crazy thing I've heard from Fox News.

This ignorant chappy is telling America that the British city of Birmingham is a no go area for non Muslims. Please tell me that no one will believe him.

Ignorant chappy apologizes.

46% of Brummies self-identify as Christian as of 2011.

I’m sure they’d be quite interested to know their hometown is a no-go area for them.

Wow. I’ve always heard that Fox News is full of exaggerations and nonsense, but that has to be near the top of the lunacy chart.

One notes he takes care to apologize and avow his mistake off the air. Because of course he does.

What did the woman moderator say afterwards? Her face sort of crinkles up at the end like she’s listening to a crazy person. The video cuts off right at the end. I’d be curious if she had any response at all.

It’s far worse than that, it’s full of Brummies.

I caught a bit of Faux News this afternoon, and the commentator, whom I don’t know, was running down the US Gov(read Obama). Why?

Well, you may have seen a picture of the march andmass rally in Paris, at which many international figures, heads of state, and so on, are seen with linked arms, marching in front of the crowd. Representing the USA was the US ambassador to France, sorry, can’t remember her name.

The commentator didn’t think the ambassador was good enough, of high enough rank. He said other nations was represented by prime ministers and heads of state. “What does that say about the US when all we do is have an ambassador?” he exclaimed.

Sheesh, if the Prez had shown up the same guy would probably have criticized him for trying to get his face on TV, or something like that.

I’m sure the problem was that Obama couldn’t be seen actively protesting against Islam because he’d be considered an apostate (you know he’s a secret Muslim, right?). /wingnut

It means travel is a little more difficult. I doubt if the list of heads of state was complete, but I didn’t see any from North or South America, nor did I see any from Australia or New Zealand or eastern Asia or Southern Africa. I saw heads of state listed that are more or less local.

Frankly, I tend to agree that if he had dropped everything and gone on a supersonic Air Force jet, the criticism would have been, “Doesn’t he have more important things to do?”

Oh, and it’s not just Fox. According to some yammerer on CNN, ‘France is the United States’ “deepest ideological ally,” ’

Freedom fries, anyone?

President Obama should have gone to France and locked arms with the European heads of state.

If nothing else, it will engender good will toward our closest ideological allies.

Nah, they’d just gripe about him upstaging them.


Treat yourself to a nice kipper tie.


If they said that about Birmingham, it’s a good thing they haven’t heard about Luton. Taliban Central, it is. :slight_smile:

Heheheh! On the plus side, it has a Five Guys. We often find excuses to visit the Bullring (a large shopping mall) but really we just want tasty tasty burgers. :smiley:

Some of the local reaction is amusing. Brummie Muslims tweeting #illridewithyou, etc.

I can imagine what you would have said if he had done such a thing, since your mindset is that Obama is automatically wrong, no matter what action he takes. How many different threads are you going to push this latest Foxpinion in, by the way?

Paraphrasing from the twitter response: “I hope he next apologizes for accusing Birmingham of being beautiful.”

That’s Jeanine Pirro. Her face pretty much does that a regular as a metronome, regardless of external stimuli.