So, black hole is racist?.... Really?

This guy is just too stupid for words. Link

from the link:

Sooo last week.

This just proves that John Wiley Price is an ass-hole with a black-hole where his common sense should be!

That is pretty fucking stupid.

Wow, that sort of thing really has me seeing red.

My apologies to the Native Americans on the boards.

I want to condemn this too, but I’m yellow.

The guy is a real jewel.

I think calling something that is ‘eco-friendly’; “Green” is an insult to corpses. :rolleyes:

This hole discussion has made me a little ‘blue’; my apologies to those of you that are holding your breath. :eek:

Why are you so insensitive to the plight of Smurf-Americans?

Before astronomers talked about black holes, there was the Black Hole of Calcutta, which historians now think was a myth, or at least exaggerated. (There is a SD staff report on the subject). That’s at least equally apposite as a place when things disappear without trace.

And the hole gets bigger still.

My first thought was that he should tell that to Neil deGrasse Tyson, author of “Death by Black Hole”.

Hmm, no contact info for the guy. So much for expressing my RO directly to him. Oh well.

I read somewhere that Russian astronomers are reluctant to use the term “black hole”, because translated literally into Russian it has a rather … rude meaning.

Dunno if it is true or not. :wink:

This page gives a street address, phone number and fax number for him.

This site given a mailing address for the John Wiley Price Campaign, in case you want to send money to help support him in the ceaseless battle against racism.

I don’t see why it can’t be both depending on which seedy side of town you cruise.

I saw those, but notice that one the 2nd link, if you click “Contact us”, a big question mark pops up.

Isn’t it sexist, too?

Relevant thread on the same topic.

John Wiley Price has been doing this kind of thing in Dallas for quite a while now.