So...did I miss anything?

Ahhhhh. I’m back, after a long self-imposed absence while the demands of my job took precedence over my ability to post.

I know, I know. I can hear the murmurs of the teeming millions at my return: “Who?” and “Oh, was he gone?”

So anyway…how’s it going? Did I miss anything exciting since January? Anything other than the anguished pining of all of you while awaiting my return, that is.:slight_smile:

Oh, you missed tons, as far as I’m concerned.

As far as board life, you’re guess is as good as mine, as I’ve been scarcer than a nose-hair trimmer at a biker rally, but as for the personal lives of the actual people behind the names here, well, I believe upheaval is a good word.

I shant gossip. But allow me to burden one more soul with my tale of woe.

My wife and I are temporarily seperated. It’s not entirely a negative thing, we’re just taking some time apart to work on personal shit, but it still kind of sucks. I’m living on zyzzyva’s couch and my dog is living with Zenster (thank Buddha for the kindness of Dopers).

Other than that, new names abound 'round these parts, and I fear I have become the numero uno, world-class, peerless thread-killer of the universe. So I apologize in advance if this thread sinks like a mafia snitch.

Anyway, how’s things in your life?

Twenty fuckin’ Five to One, his Gambling Days are Done!

Welcome back, BoS! Oh, you know, the usual, same ol’ same ol’.

Hey, Bottle, poster with my favorite user name, how’s it going? Wish I had some spicy news for you, but it’s been pretty tame around here, from what I can tell. I (and some other Bay Area Dopers, I hope) am going to go see Shane MacGowan in April, though. Jealous? I thought so. Oh yeah, and Satan got banned. That’s about it. Good to see you back.

Uh, didn’t mean to make that whole thing bold. Friggin’ technology.

Hiya Jack! Sorry to hear about about your tale of woe. Jeeze, I hope you guys can work everything out. I’ll be pulling for you.

As for me, I can’t complain. I’m just glad work has lightened up some. I was getting tired of the late hours.

See, now that I have replied, your thread-killing streak will end. Of course, now mine may start.

Hey Coldy – Thanks for the welcome back! I’m happy as the horses shite.

woodstockbb – Don’t apologize for the coding. I thought I was being welcomed back in bold, and felt quite honored. Oh, and let me get this straight – Satan was banned?! Holy crap.

You see, I missed the whole Satan banning too!
I HAVE to track down that link.

Thanks for the kind words Bot. And welcome back, officially, that is.

Welcome back, Bottle!

So seriously, what happened to Satan? I missed it, too, but didn’t want to start any ruckus. I’ll just wedge myself into this thread to ask.

Ed Zotti posted a thread about Satan’s banning in About This Message Board. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Bottle of Smoke! The only Packer fan i’ll accept as viably human! Welcome back.

Satan’s banning is a sensitive issue, I venture to say you won’t hear a lot of people talking about it.

And sure, jarbaby SAYS she’s got honey blond hair, but I hear cuffs and collar don’t match, if you know what I mean.

wait…does it count as gossip if you trash yourself?

Anyhoo…see ya around! :slight_smile:


Satan’s Banning

Hey jarbaby! My favorite Bears fan (if such a thing can truly be. Wait, I’m still thinking).

Thanks for the welcome back!

I can certainly belive the Satan thing is a sensitive issue, so I’d best read up. I checked the link (thanks, Arden and woodstockbirdybird) and I see that Danielinthewolvesden has recently been banned too?! Yikes, I guess I missed a lot.

Glad to see you’re back. Always can use more cheeseheads around here!!

Howdy Gazoo! How’s it going? Hey, your sig cracks me up. Iowa. Hee-hee. Everybody knows Point is in Illinois, isn’t it?

Greetings, O Wispy One! What have you missed, let’s see…

  1. Some people were banned.

  2. A lot of people joined.

  3. There have been a billion billion people asking what “Hi Opal!” means.

  4. There have been a few heated debates in Great Debates.

  5. There have been a few heated debates in the Pit.

  6. Some people got ticked at the Mods/Admins/their fellow Dopers.

  7. Some people, after being in the midst of those heated debates, said they’d cool their heels for a bit.

  8. Oh, and the server crashed briefly late last week.

You sure miss a lot if you’re gone, huh? :slight_smile: Welcome back, even though you don’t know me!


One more thing.

There’s this neat game, everyone’s talking about it, and the catch phrase- you’ll just love it is “all your bases belong to us” – start a thread about it and you’ll be up in the popularity polls quickly! :smiley:

wring - that’s just cruel. I see Foxtrot in the comics has finally jumped on the “All your base” bandwagon.

BoS - yeah, I laughed my ass off at that bit of wisdom. Someone else wrote (in pencil), “Toto I don’t think we’re in Nebraska anymore.”
My thought only: Summer Dopefest at Miller Park? Just an idea.

And Heathcliff still has not returned to Manderley.

Garfield did, though.

[d]dantheman** - Sounds like I missed a lot of the same ol’ stuff. The server only crashed once?

wring - You are evil.

Euty - Best not tell Heathcliff, then, that Mrs. Danvers burned it to the ground. One can only hope Garfield was in it at the time (if we are talkking about the cat and not the deceased former president).

Lousy coding. I must have taken too much time off.