You've just been banned from the Straight Dope. Now what?

I’m starting this poll because I often wonder if some of our long time members who get banned, ever come back under a new name. (And new attitude.)

Shake the dust of the place from my sandals and participate more on other sites. I mean, I like it here, but I understand there is a lot more interwebs now than there was in '99.

Agreed … move on to other entertainments.

Read more books.

[li]Throw myself at the mercy of the Mods.[/li][li]Apologize.[/li][li]Beg for forgiveness.[/li][li]Cry.[/li][li]Beg some more.[/li][li]Buy lots of chocolate, send most of it to the Mods.[/li][li]Buy lots of alcohol, send all of it to the Mods[/li][li]Buy lots of drugs, send all of it to the Mods[/li][li]Offer to perform deviant sex act for their amusement. (1 guy, 2 cups)[/li][li]Offer to kill anyone they want.[/li][/ul]

That’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure I can come with more if the need arises.

Register with shitty-data.

I’d do what Foggy said. There aren’t any other good boards. I’ve looked.

I’d really miss it here, but I’d never be a sock. I’d suck at it so badly. I doubt I’d lurk though, why put myself through the pain?

Seriously though, I guess it would sort of depend on the reasons for being banned.

I wouldn’t like it though.

I like this site. I’d probably wait a week or two then get on a new pair of socks.

Did I deserve it? Eh, I probably don’t belong and I’d move on,
Did I not deserve it? I’d at least make a minimal effort to clear things up, and if not successful just move on.

I voted “screw this place”, but I my actual reaction would be like lost4life’s. In the almost unimaginable event that I got banned, I would abjectly appeal to the mods if I had a scintilla of belief that it was undeserved. If I felt I deserved it, I would find another way to pass the time.

It’s a weird question, because I don’t know what I would do to get banned. If, for some reason, I decided I no longer liked this place and wanted to go out in a blaze of trolling, then I guess I’d just get banned and not come back.

If it was for some accidental reason, calling someone something bad in the wrong forum, I guess I’d ask to be let back in, and if that failed, I’d lurk. I mostly lurk anyway.

Is there another place on the web that comes even close? Other forums that I’ve joined have been single purpose – Linux help forums, game forums, photography. This place has it all.

As it is, I’ve never even gotten a mod note, as far as I know.

I don’t know. #HonestAnswer

There is one that starts with the letter G, but the number of active members is small and there aren’t enough of us there.

Dunno, take up a new hobby?

I’d probably make a sock after the next time I moved to a new apartment. In the meantime I’d spend my bandwidth on the other forums I read.

Re-register under a new name after making sure my IP address had changed.

Return to Reddit. ominous music plays

I’d probably lurk …and cry.

Lurk. Creep.

[derail] How do you think you got banned? Trolling? Get trolled caught yourself in a point of no return, and in a fit of rage went out in a flaming blaze of inglory? Repeated Spamming? Sexual impropriety? [/derail]

Finish my PhD…