SO got a new job. Flower advice?

My gf works in advertising. A little over a year ago she was approached by another agency, started by friends that she had worked with previously. She really wanted to work for them, but they couldn’t afford her.

Well, their agency has prospered and they came to her with an “offer she couldn’t refuse”, including a cash signing bonus (something I only thought happened in sports).

I want to send flowers her first day there, but I know next to nothing about flowers. I once sent her a dozen roses, and the yellow ones were the nicest looking ones at the florist. A friend told me that color was for “friends”. I want to avoid a mistake like that.

Her hobby is flower arranging, so I think an arrangement is out right off the bat.

Suggestions? Price isn’t really a concern. Is there a traditional “congratulations” flower?

Your friend was spot on about the yellow roses. I bet that was an interesting discussion with your GF. :slight_smile:

For a congratulations arrangement I would simply suggest something bright and colourful. My wife’s favourite in that department are Gerberas, or Tulips also make for a nice colourful elegant bouquet.

If flower arranging is her hobby, does she have a florist she likes to work with?

If so, I’d call them and tell them “I want to spend $X, could you help me pick out something she’d love seeing on her desk every day for her first week at the job?” They know what SHE likes, which is what is most important here.

And you say an arrangement is out of the question because she does flower arranging. But these will come to her work to sit on her desk, right? If they are loose stems she’ll have to take them home and arrange them and the whole point is that she’s pretty busy right now. I’d go for an arrangement.

If you don’t want to go with arrangement, maybe a potted orchid? It will look nice and professional in her office, and it will last longer than cut flowers. If you have a good florist, they will probably offer them in a very elegant style.

She told me she loved them, hugged and kissed me. It wasn’t until later that I learned color was a big deal. She never said a negative word about them.:slight_smile:

Well, flower arranging is more than a hobby, really. She has taken multiple classes at Phipps Conservatory. She has been offered jobs doing flower arranging, and would do it as a profession if she could afford a major drop in pay.

I’m sure she knows who is “good” in the field, but she has never mentioned any names to me.

We have an entire sunroom filled with her orchids. She attends an area orchid show every year. There are a few rare specimens I’m sure she’d love, but I know even less about orchids than roses.
Thanks for all the suggestions so far!!! I’m thinking I might be best off giving some cash to a woman I know who she’ll be working with and letting her make the call…

This time of the year, I’d go with a “Spring mix.”

How big is the firm? Will the receptionist know what to do with them given your gf might not be in the phone list yet?

Experience has taught me that you can’t just call any florist and expect to get worthwhile flowers delivered, or delivered at all. So if you don’t have a trusted florist yet (doesn’t sound like it based on the yellow rose thing) I suggest you visit a place in person after checking online reviews, have them show you something, and if it looks nice to you have it delivered. It is a ‘thought that counts’ type of thing, especially since your wife has all that floral arrangement background.

Maybe send a non-floral gift, like candy or balloons?

Candy?!?! My ass would be kicked. (a calorie thing)

They are small enough so that the entire firm is excited about the news.

Today is her last day at her old job. She is taking a 2 week mini-vacation before starting the new job, so I have plenty of time to work on this. It’s important enough that I don’t wanna fuck it up.:smiley:

If she said not a peep about the yellow roses, I think you’re fine, and that she’ll adore whatever you send.

So, really, you CAN’T fuck it up! Take a little of that pressure off yourself!

The websites for the big floral companies (Proflowers, Teleflora, etc) have guides to the meanings of various colors of roses. One of them says, “White roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings, but their quiet beauty has also made them a gesture of remembrance.”

But if your girlfriend has a favorite flower, send that.

What is her favorite flower? Mine is yellow roses, and I don’t care what they mean in the language of flowers.

Find out what she likes, and send her those.

Why not instead of flowers go with a nice arrangement of succulents. They will grow, and change, maybe some will even bloom. Flowers are nice, but a plant that keeps on living will always remind her of your thoughtful gift. Does her office have good natural light?

It sounds like you may be in my neck of the woods. Cuttings in Sewickley is amazing. They carry flowers (cut and live) that I’ve never seen before, they’re really talented at designing arrangements (I know you don’t want an arrangement, just saying!), they definitely carry potted orchids if that’s what you decide to go with, and they deliver all over the area.

And if you do decide to use them, it’s a good thing that price is no object. :slight_smile: They’re worth it!

Can’t you buy a bunch of flowers that aren’t arranged? Aren’t they delivered in those long boxes or wrapped in paper?

I’m getting this from movies I think, but maybe some florists offer such a thing.

I love this idea, or any potted plant really. I had African violets on my desk at work (when I had a desk job) for many years. They seem to thrive under the combination of fluorescent and natural light.

Orchids do fine in offices too, though fluorescent lighting alone may not be enough. I gave one to my wife a year ago, she kept it on top of the desk hutch (window office, but no direct sunlight) and it’s flowering again. She waters it once a week (not just pour water on the pot, but soak it in water for a while) and that’s about it.

And yes, African violets are nice too. My wife gave me one 2 years ago, it’s flowering beautifully right now on my office table.

My sister’s boyfriend in college gave her yellow roses for her birthday. They got married, and because yellow roses were the first flowers he’d given her, they became “her” flower and she carried them in her wedding bouquet. They’ve been married going on thirty-five years. He still gives her yellow roses on special occasions.