So, I finally managed to register at the SMDB or; First post!

I’m so happy I’m finally here!

I’m a longtime (and I mean loooong… at least five years) lurker who, due to the fact that I had no credit card, has never been able to register and participate in this wonderful workd that is the Dope. But now, having started university and gained a semblance of my own life (and Visa!) I finally feel prepared to enter the fold (yay!)

Bring on the goats!

Welcome! Just wait in room 502, at the end of the hall. Someone will be along soon, withyour safety equipment, and waivers…

5 year lurker…
A goat is too good for you.

Visit room 317. (I will prep the bathtub myself)

SSG Schwartz

Oh christ… I knew I was in for Purgatory as a new member, but I didn’t know I was in for Hell… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome!! Do you like your margaritas with or without salt? Frozen or on the rocks?

Try not to step on the cats, they do get underfoot. Kitten pictures are required, you know, so start uploading shots of your feline overlords now.

Oooh, breaking out the alcohol already! I knew there was a reson I loved this place… :slight_smile: without salt, and frozen, preferably.

And to compensate for a lack of cat pixx (I am, regrettably, allergic, though I will willingly surrender my autonomy to those most purrrfect beings) I promise to post copiously and (hopefully) intelligently; does that work?

Welcome, welcome. ThirdCultureGal! I see they’ve already taken you in hand. The buffet will be ready in a moment; in the meantime, would you like a seat at the bar?

Welcome aboard, ThirdCultureGal! Your username is interesting, mind if I ask if it has any particular significance?

Thank you all for your nice ( :dubious: :smiley: ) welcoming words!

And yes Soul , the username refers to the phenomenon of so-called “Third-culture-kids”, which normally refers to kids who’ve grown up in or spend a significant portion of their formative years in a culture which neither of their parents belong to (think military brats or missionary kids), but nowadays refers to pretty much anyone whose cultural/national background is more than a little confusing. When I was younger, I went through what I guess you could call a “national-identity-crisis” in that I didn’t really know where I came from culturally or what country to “really” affiliate myself with, and even considered trying to switch passports. It was a complete revelation when I found out about the idea of “third-culture kids” and I’ve embraced the idea ever since :slight_smile:

Those are very wise choices.

Oh, wait…I see…you thought you got to drink the margarita. Silly newbie.

May all your threads have 30 replies, and may your username never be mentioned in The Pit. Go with Og.

Velcume-a tu zee dupe-a! Hefe-a yuoo ifer seee zee Hukooseee preent “Zee dreem ooff zee feeshervumun’s veeffe-a?” Nu? Thet’s fery guud! Bork bork bork!

Your first post and you requested the goats?!?!

You’ll fit in well here.

Has anyone seen the squid? I think they may be loose. Someone forgot to put the lid back on the tank.

ThirdCultureGal, I’m not supposed to tell you this. Come over here…
[sub]They’re going to run you from room to room, just to confuse you. All you need to remember is to stay off the 8th floor! If anyone tries to send you to room 822, say the safe word. If you don’t believe me, just go over to the pit, or GD. You’ll recognize the ones who went into 822. Remember, I warned you![/sub]

Well if you don’t have any kitty pictures, perhaps you could start a thread on if it is a good idea to de-claw an outdoor cat.

The mods really like threads like that.

I see you got warned about room 822. You should also stay away from the party in room 666. Not the best crowd in that room, I think you will agree. They tend to break shit, and use this “the devil made me do it” line to try and get out of it. :rolleyes:

Goats are so last hour.

Squids, however, are on call 24/7.

Come step over here, yep, don’t mind the floor, it only looks like a square has been cut out.

Now, what’s your favorate color?

welcome to the show!
and, uh… This thread is worthless without pics?

nobody said it yet…

All of us are hopeful about our intelligence (some need more hope than others), but you must not post copiously, if you can cope there’s no need to be here. :wink:


Welcome and thank you. You’ve already fought some ignorance. Heck, my daughter is half Thai, half vanilla American, was raised in Saudi, and now studies in California. Another ThirdCulture person. Now I know why she’s so strange. :stuck_out_tongue:

All the best


You crazy kids and your goats and squids. Why, back when I joined, those critters hadn’t evolved yet. We just jumped headfirst into the topic at hand, ignoble though it may have been.