So I had an opportunity to wash my slippers

I’m particular about the things I can wash together. My personal “ick” is throw rugs: they collect until I have a load. I certainly don’t wash them with underwear or kitchen towels.

A perfect ride-along item with throw rugs are my slippers. I pretty much live in them all the time <glares at @Beckdawrek> to protect my feet. I had an opportunity arise, so I collected all my slippers from the bottom of the laundry bashet.

Voila! Clean slippers! I pull them out of the dryer and line them up.


I line them up again.

In typical VOW fashion, I have TWO left slippers and FOUR right slippers…


Do the colors/styles at least match? :wink:

Are they at least some of the same slippers you started out with?

All the same style and color…


You clearly can’t dance with 2 left feet.:grin:

I caught that little remark. I’m doing better. I have cheap flip-flops I wear downstairs.
I cannot tolerate them on carpeting upstairs.

Have we established that you don’t have twice as many right feet as left?


While I certainly dance like I have too many feet, I am equipped with the standard allocation of two: one right, one left.

I think.

Yes. Whew!


Wait a minute, are you sure a couple slippers didn’t just get turned inside-out?