So I need to send a couple hundred international faxes today...

Daunting task. We sell almost exclusively internationally at my company, and a tradeshow is coming up in October so we’re sending out announcements to all of our distributors. I already sent it as an email to the ones we have email addresses for, but there are about a kajillion more that we only have a fax number for. I’m looking at the fax machine and imaginging loading the 2 page announcement in, dialing a ninety-eleven digit international number, waiting for it to go through, etc… then doing it over again… hundreds of times… and I’m thinking, there’s gotta be a better way.

I know there are a lot of software and services out there for faxes. I know my answer lies in sending the fax electronically through the computer, preferably one time to a bunch of numbers, but I need to find the best way to do so. Googling comes up with a mile-high pile of options. Most of them don’t seem to give their international rates. It’s also hard to determine if they allow multiple recipients, etc… and of course I have no idea how reliable they are without researching for hours.

I figured someone out there in SDMB land may have already gone through this and has already found one that works well and could suggest/narrow it down/heeeeelp…?

(I’m currently leaning toward eFax but I don’t want to jump into something if there are better options I could find fairly easily.)

Drop me a line. I’ve got a good deal with a broadcast fax service that’s only 2 cents per delivered fax.


(Not-so) Coincidentally, there is now a Google Ad for efax in this thread.

Surely that is the charge for faxing only. What is the setup charge for dialing the fax numbers?

Sweet. :slight_smile: Thanks JC!