So I wanna swap my PlayStation for an XBox

I’m sure that there are lots of other not-so-serious video gamers out there who would like to get rid of their current system for another game system that they’ve not played before.

I’m wanting to swap my original PlayStation and all my games for an XBox. There’s a few more first-person-shooter games available for the XBox than my Playstation.

But how on earth do I hook up with someone who would be willing to make that deal? Is there a site on the net that helps facilitate such trades? Should I head over to my nearest used CD/Game store and see what they can do for me? Or should I just put the whole shebang on eBay and buy from eBay what I want?

Your thoughts?

I’d at least go down to your local used game shops and ask around to see how much they’d offer. Then check around on eBay to see what you’d get. I honestly would counsel against eBay, because (a) you’re not going to get much for your system and it’ll be a hassle and (b) to maximize your return on eBay, you’ll want to go separate listings, which could take quite a while to see all of it. If you’re willing to wait, go with eBay. If you want to be playing Halo by the end of the month, high thee down to EBGames.

I can buy a used Playstation for about thirty bucks. You may have some rare games, but generally, sport games aren’t worth much. Assume $2/game, if you’re lucky.

If by your original Playstation, you mean a standard large sized Playstation 1, then I’m affraid noone really wants to part with good money for one of them. Some Playstation 1 games are rare and could make up to $20.00 each, but most would retail at $2-5 and may be sellable for less than a dollar each.
Of course if you are really talking about a Playstation2 then you might be able to cut a deal with a local game store if the games you have are resellable by them. Especially if you are willing to buy several XBox games off them at the same time.