So I was lying in bed last night....

And I drifted off into this other plane where there was this huge tower rising up to the heavens in black and white but I was about a foot to the left and to the bottom of my body and I couldnt’ climb it.

So then I realized that I was part of this global psychic network, and they tapped into me and used me to take over the brains of the stupid innocents! It was quite a rush knowing something no one else knew, but after awhile of tapping into the network and using my brainpower for this mind fuck, I thought, yeah, it’s cool to have this power, but I don’t want to be evil, so I used all my will power to snap out of the network.

Then I felt vastly alone, since I was away from my psychic brethren. I was all alone in this vast nothingness, but at least I hadn’t sold out and gone evil.

Yeah, don’t sell your soul out to evil. Tax-wise, it’s better to just mortgage it.