So, if you were looking for a job in Charleston, SC...

How would you go about it? Lady Chance has, possibly, a kickin’ opportunity down there. This would, of course, mean that I’d have to head for the ocean and so forth. But Monster and such reveals little in the way of jobs down there. But I don’t know all there is to know so Palmetto Dopers! Tell me what works for job listings down south!

There aren’t any. South Carolina is experiencing double digit unemployment.

I’d ask my brother, who lives there. Probably not all that helpful for you…

What kind of job are you looking for? What is your career now? I would suggest trying places like Robert Half (Accountemps and Office Temps) and seeing how many positions are listed.

Temp agencies are a good indicator of the job market. So look them up online and look at the listings.

You might look at Charlotte, NC for a transitional position until the economy picks up.

If you’re wanting to come in from out of state, you may want to send out a number of resumes with a cover letter stating that you will be in the area for 2-3 (or more) specified days, available to interview at the employer’s convenience. Sometimes it’s easier to get your foot in the door if they don’t have to worry about paying travel expenses for an interview…

I live in Charleston, but I’m self-employed and haven’t looked for a job in thirty years. Unemployment in Charleston is at 9.5%, which is about 5% above average. The local economy is generally very stable due to tourism and the port. We fare better than most, usually.

It really depends on your employment needs, I suppose. We are not the epicenter of tech (or of much else). But it is a growing, vibrant area.

Charlotte is about 3.5 hours away. That’s a tough commute.

What I know about Charleston as far as industry/jobs is tourism, retail, military, education. If you’re looking for a corporate-type job you may have a hard time.