so I'm flying down the highway...

I’m driving back from the BART station after spending the day in Berkeley with a friend, and when traffic suddenly comes to a dead halt, I notice a car with a North Carolina plate that reads “JEDIPOWR” (weird, I’d never known of a state where they allow 8 characters on a license plate, but I do now!)…

Now, some of you know that my own personalized plate reads “SITHGRL.” And, me being the brat that I am, I just HAD to be a showoff and maneuver my way in front of them. So I did. :cool: I kind of had to cut them off to accomplish it, but I did it. I’m not sure of the reaction (if there was one), because the sun was kinda glaring in my eyes (I did, however, give them a friendly little wave for letting me cut over).

I wonder if they noticed. That woulda been sweet…“Revenge of the Sith,” indeed. :smiley: Well, not really. But you know what I mean.

My tag is “JE VAIS” (it’s French, translates as “I go,” and is a play on my last name). I’d never seen anything similar until last year, when I was next to a car with the same style plates (my state offers a ton of choices), whose tag was “JE FILE” (“I slip by”). I started off behind them, then passed them, then was behind them again. The other driver and I noticed each other’s tags, and exchanged a quick smile. It was kind of cool. :slight_smile:

(I will not worry about the fact that I just disclosed my tag info on the internet…I will not worry about the fact that I just disclosed my tag info on the internet…I will not worry… :eek: :wink: )

that does sound cool. :slight_smile: I’ve gotten some enthusiastic thumbs up from fellow Star Wars fans on the road, but never met someone else with “JEDIxxx” on their tag, which kind of gave me an excuse to get in front of them so they could see my plate. It just sucked that the glare from the sun was really just too strong to see their reaction. I wish they woulda honked or SOMEthing! :frowning:

Maybe they just didn’t care. :frowning: