So, I'm giving it up (the sauce, that is)

Neither mundane nor pointless to me, but the time has come for me to quit - to save my life, to save my marriage, and so that I can stop hurting those around me. My intake at an outpatient treatment center is Saturday. My wife has agreed to come with me. I just felt like I needed to tell someone. Wish me luck.

Congrats on taking the first step! I wish you success on your journey!

Good luck. Admitting to yourself you have a problem is half the battle. Take it one day at a time and all that. Alcoholism sucks.

Best of luck to you. My uncle quit drinking more than 10 years ago. and it has done for him all of the things that you are hoping it will do for you. You can do this!

Good for you, whole bean! Good luck with everything.

Good luck. And more importantly, may you find your strength. Luck will only go so far.

I hear you. Well, I know what my weakness is, so I guess I’ll look for its opposite.

You won’t miss it, I promise. Congrats for taking such a courageous step. Let us know how you’re doing. :slight_smile:

Good luck, dude. You have no idea how much this will mean to your wife and the people around you. It’s the first step on the most wonderful journey, and I wish you all the best!!!

You can only do it when you are ready and it sounds like you are!

Congratulations on making the decision. Please keep us posted.

grats, good luck, stay strong

you can do this

Dude, congrats! Welcome to your new life.

whole bean, marvelous news! I salute you for your first steps in the very right direction.

Just another voice of support. I’m very close to someone who got sober almost 25 years ago, so I know first hand the damage that addiction can inflict. You have a tough road ahead, no mistake, but just remember “one day at a time.”

Good for you.

Buckle up- it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


I’m really glad you’ve made this decision. Best wishes for your success.

Good luck! I’m told it is a tough road you are on, so here is a wish for success.

Good luck. You ARE strong enough to do it.

Good for you. It’s never too late to start living again. Very best wishes for your continued strength and success.

I bet you are scared to death facing life sober, I know I was. If you truly believe you are an alcoholic don’t try and kid yourself that after you get out of treatment that it “won’t hurt” to have an occasional beer or two. It just doesn’t work that way.

I’m almost 5 months sober now and although I sometimes miss it I know I can never drink again. And the most important thing is that life really doesn’t suck as much as I thought it would without alcohol.

The first two weeks are going to be hard but it really does get better and easier. Good luck man.