So I'm off to Calgary!

Thanks to the generosity of work’s airline and hotel partners, I’m off to Calgary for a weekend. Staying at the Coast Plaza (Calgary Dopers - decent area or not?).

I should have some free time, and plan on the zoo, and maybe the Tower. Any suggestions for other stuff to see? Last time I was there, I stayed at the Sheraton Suites at Eau Claire, and the Delta Airport. Anyone gone on the BigRock tour?

My husband went on the Big Rock tour (you mean the brewery, not the actual big rock that is out in someone’s field, right?) and he loved it.

Hey, when are you coming? We need to get together for a mini-Dopefest again! (I mean, us Calgary Dopers, not you and me. I hardly know you. :wink: )

Yes on the brewery tour. Although a large chunck of fieldstone in a grassy area would be cool. :slight_smile:

My big wish is getting access to the WestJet flight sims. That and eating at Chilli’s near “Whitehorn”.

I depart Ottawa on the 22nd, and will be in YYC for three days. Bison steak time, baby!!!

I don’t know the hotel, but I can tell you that there is no coast in Calgary :smack: . I’ve never done the Big Rock tour, but it can’t be bad. Big Rock Traditional Ale is my favourite beer.
As for other things to do, do you like museums? The Glenbow has, IIRC, the largest collection of Canadiana. I would also suggest maybe going to Banff, it is only about one hour away.
Caesars is a great place for a nice steak, if you are interested. Calgary also has great Chinese and Indian food.
Now, I can’t wait until August when I make my regularly scheduled trip back there.

It’s just at the edge of a semi-industrial part of the city - but certainly not a “bad” neighborhood. Nice and near the C-Train, so it will be easy to get around if you don’t have access to a car.
Definitely the Zoo, and perhaps a wander into Inglewood or Kensington might be neat (lots of little stores and cafes) And if you are the museum type, the Glenbow really is worth seeing.

Thanks for the replies so far, and most assuredly, adam yax, there is a Coast in Calgary - they’re comping our rooms, so they exist.

I get my “official” itinerary on Friday, so I can post more details then. The trip will involve hotel inspections, so that’ll take up some of my time, but I hope to have some free hours. Once details are finalised, I can give ya’ll my cell number if anyone is interested in a tasty beveridge :slight_smile: Email in profile as well.

Museums are good, but with possibly limited time, I need to economise, and will probably include the Telus Science Museum, the Tower and the Zoo.

When I think of coast, I don’t think of hotels, I think of beaches.

Jim mentioned that the Big Rock tour only goes Monday to Wednesday - you should probably check their website if you want to do that. They also have a great little restaurant there that serves some good bison.

If you are at loose ends some evening while you’re in town, Jim is not one to turn down an offer to go get a beer (I don’t drink, but I’m usually up for an evening out).

adam, please don’t tell me that we went out for dinner with you at the East Indian place almost a year ago! :eek: It seems like it was just a couple months ago. So, you up for another Doper dinner again this year, or did we scare you off last year? :smiley:

It was last July or August. Time sure flies when you get old. I would be up for another Indian meal. I don’t know the dates that I am going to be in Calgary, other than I have to be there for August 12, which will be my grandmothers unveiling. I may come earlier or stay later. I do plan on going to Canmore for a couple of days while I am there. I miss the mountains.