Calling all Calgarians...

I’m head up to Calgary Mar. 1-5 for a work conference. Because of a crappy travel agency, I leave DC aboot 8 a.m. and get to Calgary at 1:15 p.m. local time. Since the conference doesn’t start until Monday morning, I have most of Saturday and all day Sunday to kill. I’m staying at the Marriott near the Telus Convention Centre. Anyone want to get together for dinner Saturday or Sunday night or lunch on Sunday? One of the downtown restaurants would be best since I won’t have a car and will have to get around walking or by C-Train or taxi.

There are some Dopers in Calgary or nearby, aren’t there? Or was Ginger the only one before moving to the States?

I just wanted to suggest sampling anything from the Big Rock Brewing Company.

McNally’s is my fave (logo looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers), also

My wife, featherlou, and I are in Calgary, but I think we’re busy that weekend. More details forthcoming…

Also, another vote for Big Rock beer. Best microbrewery in the universe, IMO. I’ll second McNally’s as an outstanding dark ale.

Please, go to the Chili Club and bring me some Swimming Rama. Please. Pretty please.

And again with the Big Rock raves. My favorite has always been the Black Amber Ale.
You may want to check out the Wildwood restaurant - it’s a little bit of a hike from where you’re staying (15 blocks) Awesome food, and a spectacular microbrewery. I don’t know if you are a meat-eater…(and I apologize if you’re not) but my husband still raves about the elk steak wrapped in wild boar bacon.

And Ginger’s right about the Chili Club.

Hmmm, nice coincidence I wondered into this forum for the first time in months tonight (ahem… in search of the hooker thread… don’t know why I just admitted that…) I should be around from Mar1-5; gotta do an H2S traing course on the 1st though… god damn people scheduling a course on a saturday, my birthday no less, moan/pout/crab/complain - ok, done. I’ll see if I can come out!

yeah, we’re busy on the 1st as well.

That’s already planned with a collegue for Tuesday evening. I’ll give them your regards, Ginger.

I ate there the last time I was in Calgary in November. It was great…I had the caribu in wild cherry sauce.

I’ll be there the 1st until the morning of the 5th. So anytime on Sunday or even dinner on Tuesday is good. I already have plans for Monday dinner.

Ah, time for a reminder… who wants to come out in the next few days?? You got access to check the site dcnewsman? Tuesday would be best for me…

So, are you gonna bring me Swimming Rama? Ask them for the recipe - it doesn’t appear to exist in Maryland’s Thai restaurants.

I’ve arrived in Calgary and I do have access to check the board. If anyone is interested in getting together for dinner or drinks, let me know. I’m staying at the Marriott near the Calgary Tower.

I can come out for a bit tues evening, anyone else here able to come out??

I’m tied up 'till 5pm or so, after that is good. Y’all can leave a message here, email me at, or leave a message on my cell (875-3774).

I want to thank mmmiiikkkeee for coming into the city to meet me for dinner Tuesday night even though it was -15 C and felt like -40C. Maybe next time we can get a bigger group together.